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Crochet Home : Potholders

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Crochet Home : Potholders

emma lamb

POTHOLDERS - oh yeah! From the moment I knew I would be writing a book of crochet patterns I had decided there would be a whole chapter dedicated to these colourful lovelies. They have been part of the backbone of my product collection for years as they are as granny chic as you can get in crochet and of course I just love to crochet them too! For me they are like mandalas, I find therapy in their colour arrangements and stitch patterns but at the end you have a beautiful and practical little object to keep or gift to someone else. Right now I’m so excited to be able to share these patterns with you all! There are three you might recognise from my signature collection - the Simple Folk Circle, Filet Daisy and Vintage Medallion potholders. The Fabulous Rose potholder is a new twist on another from my signature collection and I think a personal favourite from this chapter! And let’s not forget the nubby Octo-pop Potholder who I must confess has a bunch of friends still waiting in my design book that I hope to share over the next few months. Anyhow, until then I want to know, which is your favourite? Which one can you not wait to get your hook into?!

< SIMPLE FOLK CIRCLE POTHOLDER - If you have never crochet a potholder before, this simple granny circle is a great place to start. Just as easy to work as the basic granny square, it can be quickly crochet in just a couple of hours. It is made using a beautifully soft yet sturdy mercerised cotton, which is an ideal fibre for daily use in the kitchen as it can withstand regular washing and is resilient to high temperatures. Practical and pretty! What more do you need from a potholder?

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner.
SOCIAL SHARING: #folkcirclepotholder #crochethome #emmalambbook
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> FABULOUS ROSE POTHOLDER - This potholder design was inspired by all those gorgeous little rose motifs in Irish crochet with their layers upon layers of densely worked petals. It is a motif that I find endlessly inspiring, and here I am paying homage to Irish crochet by working the rose panel in traditional white, then adding a pop of colour with a sunny yellow background. This is a must have for any potholder wall.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate.
SOCIAL SHARING: #fabulousrosepotholder #crochethome #emmalambbook
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< FILET DAISY POTHOLDER - Traditional filet crochet designs are most often seen worked in rows using treble crochet and chain stitches to create a mesh-like grid, and by filling the spaces with more treble stitches an array of interesting patterns can be produced. However, the same idea can just as easily be applied to circular motifs, using densely placed treble stitches and increases separated by that familiar open mesh work as can be seen on my Filet Daisy Potholder. It is worked in two layers and the petals of the daisy motif are aligned with joining double crochet stitches to maximise the beautiful filet effect.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate.
SOCIAL SHARING: #filetdaisypotholder #crochethome #emmalambbook
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> VINTAGE FOLK MEDALLION POTHOLDER - Where would crochet be if it weren’t for the rise of granny chic? It is hardly worth thinking about! If, like me, you are a huge fan of this style trend, then this potholder is a must for your crochet make list as no potholder wall will be complete without it. Its gorgeous colour combination of emerald, orange and sunny yellow with just a hint of pretty pink and blue is vintage folk style, and epitomises all that we love about granny chic.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate.
SOCIAL SHARING: #folkmedallionpotholder #crochethome #emmalambbook
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< OCTO-POP POTHOLDER - The chunkier the potholder the more practical it is to use around your kitchen. Whether protecting delicate hands when carrying warm pans or protecting your work surfaces from direct heat, this potholder with its densely packed, nubby popcorn stitches is most definitely up to the task, and it looks very pretty too!

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate.
SOCIAL SHARING: #octopoppotholder #crochethome #emmalambbook
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