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Crochet Home : Cushions

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Crochet Home : Cushions

emma lamb

My Crochet Home would not be complete without an entire chapter dedicated to a pile of pretty CUSHIONS, would it?! In fact my whole crochet journey over the last six years began with a couple of cushions and the very first sale in my Etsy shop way back in 2009 was for a cute little custom octagon number! My inspiration for cushion design has always stemmed from vintage quilt designs - I have always found the patterns, colours and textures fascinating - and developing ways to turn these quilted concepts into crochet structures is so much fun! In this book I’ve included three of my signature designs - an updated Fabulous Rose Cushion, the ever popular Tiny Squares Patchwork cushion and my Pinwheel Patchwork Cushion. There’s also the new Log Cabin Cushion which builds on the motifs used in the pinwheel design, both of which are worked in a custom palette that the fabulous Debbie, aka the Skein Queen, dyed for me just for these projects! Debbie also hand dyed some stunning sock yarns that are showcased in the last cushion of this chapter, the Candy Corn Cushion. As well as being an artisan dyer she if particularly nifty when naming her yarn colours too, the sock yarns used in this last cushion are called ‘Cupcake Sprinkles’ and ‘Speckled Elves’ - so cute right?! I am not ashamed to admit that those two lovely skeins have been detrimental to my obsession with speckle dyed sock yarns, I just can’t get enough of them!

< TINY SQUARES PATCHWORK CUSHION - This design was originally inspired by my appreciation of vintage quilt designs, particularly postage stamp quilts made from small squares of fabric. I love how even the simplest design can lend itself to a vast array of interpretations and colour arrangements, although I have always been especially fond of this classic chequerboard pattern.

SKILL LEVEL: Experienced beginner.
SOCIAL SHARING: #tinysquarescushion #crochethome #emmalambbook
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> PINWHEEL PATCHWORK CUSHION & LOG CABIN CUSHION - Many of my crochet designs are inspired by my love of vintage quilts and the triangle square motifs in the Pinwheel Patchwork Cushion have been combined to emulate a pinwheel quilt block, while in the Log Cabin Cushion the design elaborates on this basic motif with well-placed colour changes to give the effect of a log cabin quilt block. I have chosen a custom dyed yarn, Blissful Plump from the Skein Queen, each colour expertly hand-dyed to match one of my favourite palettes of the moment, intense sapphire blue with coral, soft peach, mint and amethyst.

SKILL LEVEL: Experienced crocheter.
SOCIAL SHARING: #pinwheelpatchworkcushion #logcabincushion #crochethome #emmalambbook
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< FABULOUS ROSE CUSHION - Here is a fabulous oversized flower to get your hook into. Its layers of pretty petals are crochet in the softest Italian wool and cashmere blend yarn from Gomitoli’s. This cushion will surely be a favourite to cuddle up against in your cosy reading corner or crocheting nook.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate.
SOCIAL SHARING: #fabulousrosecushion #crochethome #emmalambbook
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> CANDY CORN CUSHION - How many times have you splurged on a gorgeous skein of sock yarn, or beautiful hand-dyed 4ply, only to have it languish at the bottom of your stash basket awaiting the perfect project to make the most of its beauty? If it’s more than you care to mention, then this cushion cover might just be the one to finally tempt you into winding one or two of those precious skeins into a ball. The popcorn stitches - an absolute joy to crochet - are so good at making the most of variegated yarns by showing off every colour to maximum effect, and the white background really makes those popcorns pop!

SKILL LEVEL: Experienced beginner.
SOCIAL SHARING: #candycorncushion #crochethome #emmalambbook
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I’d love to see your crochet creations from my Crochet Home so please do share your pictures and projects wherever you can. Ravelry is a great place to start if you already have an account as all the projects from the book are already in the database. To share through your social media channels use the hashtags #crochethome #emmalambbook or any of the special project tags above so I can find them and love them too, I can’t wait to see!

Happy crocheting!