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Crochet Home : Blankets

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Crochet Home : Blankets

emma lamb

Last but by no means least are the BLANKETS! There are three lovely blankets in this chapter and of course it includes a fresh new take on my original circular blanket, worked in a pretty palette of candy colours I have quite a soft spot for my Scarborough Rock Floor Throw and the memories it evokes (see below). Then there’s the Daisy Dot Lap Blanket which I designed especially for this book, it is crochet with the most gorgeous pure alpaca yarn - it’s so lovely I’ve already started work on a version just for myself to snuggle under on my sofa this winter. And then there’s the epic finale to Crochet Home, the Granny Chic Pinwheel Blanket! The concept for this design has been in my mind for as long as I can remember - an all-new take on the humble granny square with an interesting geometric element - so when the proposal for Crochet Home came along I knew this would be the perfect opportunity for me to realise it in all its granny chic glory. I am so proud of this design and I don’t mind admitting that crocheting this sample was my favourite out of the entire book!

< SCARBOROUGH ROCK FLOOR THROW - I grew up on the north-east coast of England, and when I was a very little girl my family would take day trips to see some of the pretty seaside towns and fishing villages. One I remember well is Scarborough, mostly because of the colourful sticks of ‘rock’ candy that could be bought there. These long candy-coloured sticks of sugary goodness often had the words ‘Scarborough Rock’ running through the middle of them. Oh, they tasted so good, and the memory of them provided me with the inspiration for this oversized circular throw.

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner.
SOCIAL SHARING: #scarboroughrockthrow #crochethome #emmalambbook
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> DAISY DOT LAP BLANKET - We all need a little luxury in our lives, so when selecting yarns for our crochet projects, it pays to choose the best we can, especially when we invest so much of our time in our creations. For this pretty, colourful lap blanket I’ve chosen a high-quality super soft, pure alpaca yarn that is surprisingly budget friendly. It is a joy to crochet with and will make the Daisy Dot Lap Blanket an heirloom piece that you will treasure for years to come.

SKILL LEVEL: Experienced beginner.
SOCIAL SHARING: #daisydotlapblanket #crochethome #emmalambbook
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< GRANNY CHIC PINWHEEL BLANKET - The humble granny Square is a crochet icon that has stood the test of time, providing many crocheters with endless hours of colourful crochet therapy. However, in the spirit of granny chic style, it is always exciting to find new ways to rejuvenate and refresh a classic, so here I’ve incorporated the granny square into a fabulously pretty pinwheel design. My Granny Chic Pinwheel Blanket is the perfect blend of retro and modern.

SKILL LEVEL: Experienced crocheter.
SOCIAL SHARING: #pinwheelblanket #crochethome #emmalambbook
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I’d love to see your crochet creations from my Crochet Home so please do share your pictures and projects wherever you can. Ravelry is a great place to start if you already have an account as all the projects from the book are already in the database. To share through your social media channels use the hashtags #crochethome #emmalambbook or any of the special project tags above so I can find them and love them too, I can’t wait to see!

Happy crocheting!