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Colour Palette <> Vintage Buttons

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Colour Palette <> Vintage Buttons

emma lamb

Ahhh, this feels good! Curating a pretty new colour palette for my sparkly new blog is just like putting on a brand new pair of socks that have been warming on the radiator! Pure happy, oh yeah!!!

Colour Palette &lt;&gt; Vintage Buttons | Emma Lamb

Yesterday I found these vintage beauties in a charity shop while rummaging through an old tin for half an hour, it was such a treat! Not just because it was a short break in another busy week but also because it’s something I’ve not done in a loooong time. This year I am trying a more minimalist approach to ‘stuff’ after being inspired by Natasha over at Candy Pop and her recent approach to minimalist living. Over the last six months I’ve been taking donations to the charity shops rather than bringing things home. It’s been fairly successful so far - I think I’ve counted 15 bags to my local charity shops and the same to recycling. In these same six months this is the first time I’ve actually browsed my favourite charity shop let alone brought anything home with me.

Colour Palette &lt;&gt; Vintage Buttons | Emma Lamb
Colour Palette &lt;&gt; Vintage Button | Emma Lamb
Colour Palette &lt;&gt; Vintage Buttons | Emma Lamb
Colour Palette &lt;&gt; Vintage Buttons | Emma Lamb

While I was rummaging through that tin yesterday I caught myself feeling very uneasy about whether or not I really needed these buttons. Of course I don’t need them, but vintage buttons are a total weakness for me! However those thoughts did help me to be more selective with my purchase and I did come home with only a third of what I could have. Plus I knew this handful of inspiration would make a perfect colour palette, am I right?!