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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!


making everyday beautiful : summer blues

emma lamb

Oh summer, where art thou? Seriously where has it gone!? What with the thunderstorms, rainstorms and even hailstones we've had here lately it's seems that these beautiful blue skies have been replaced with that autumn greyness. Too soon, way too soon! I want more blue skies and dramatic sunsets not cosy blankets and winter duvets, at least not yet!

making everyday beautiful : summer blues | Emma Lamb

Image credits: 1. fox-and-fern, 2. KissKus, 3. **mog**, 4. venlani, 5. msialmedia

So today I am being totally self indulgent with my picks because you, my making everyday beautiful buddies, also have the summer blues but of the far more cheerful variety! Aren't these gorgeous!? Who else wants to run through a field of dandelion clocks then daydream the afternoon away cloud watching? Non-grey clouds obviously. BTW, I'm still crushing on these blue tones for everything else too - sapphire and cobalt are going to be my colours of autumn. If you can't have blue skies make your own! Right?




making everyday beautiful : summer hues

emma lamb

Happy Monday folks, how was your weekend? Hopefully everyone in the UK didn't suffer too much during Bertha's wee visit? She's still hanging about the east coast of Scotland right now so the summer feels like it's taking a little break right now. But no matter because this morning I have the most wonderful job of moderating over 700 of your fabulous summer submissions to our making everyday beautiful Flickr group. Wowee, what a treat indeed!

making everyday beautiful : summer hues | Emma Lamb

Image credits: 1. Hello Twiggs, 2. Silvia Raga, 3. lydiafairy, 4. M. Valbom, 5. cafe noHut

While sifting through so many of your pretty pictures it was easy to spot a few lovely summer colours trending. Sky blues, pink petals and energetic brights always feature highly throughout the summer but it was lovely to see lots of lilac, terracotta and apricot tones in the mix too. My absolute favourite today is this delicate mix of blushing apricot, sky blue and geranium pink with just a hint of dusty mauve - such a stunning combination! Light & airy. Delicate & pretty. Absolutely perfect summer hues!




making everyday beautiful : pink petals

emma lamb

Happy Monday my blog buddies, I hope you all had a fab weekend! As well as good food, wine and making the most of the sunshine I've been working hard on finishing my project for Gomitoli's and polishing my crochet charting skills.

I so can't wait to show what I'm working on! I think it is utterly gorgeous and obviously I am totally biased, but I can't wait to hear what you lovelies will make of it. SO exciting! Anyhow, I'm on the home stretch now and hopefully it won't be too much longer until I can share all with you... eeek! Righty-ho, onto today's summery picks from making everyday beautiful.

making everyday beautiful : pink petals | Emma Lamb

Image credits: 1. Patsy Smiles, 2. ana_sch, 3. quatre saisons, 4. balu51, 5. ueha nochi

Is there anything quite so lovely as the abundance of pink petals in the summer!? Bouquets of roses, peonies, poppies, clover and pansies and all the others that have such a sweet smell. I can't wait for the honeysuckle to blossom along the walks I take Spanner, they have such a gorgeous fragrance! Already in the spring we've been treated to the subtle scent of coconut from the masses of flowering gorse bushes on Arthur's Seat. When the sun shines down on all those yellow petals it is just incredible!




making everyday beautiful : hello June!

emma lamb

Hello blog buddies and happy June! Looking back on the year so far I'm finding myself wondering where it has gone!? The last five months seem to have gone by in the blink of an eye and here we are almost into the summer! Which is great as the summer brings all sorts of wonderful things with it...

Image credits: 1. ueha nochi, 2. Zoryana Ivchenko, 3. Anna Kurzaeva, 4. NWY69, 5. HeartHandmadeUK

Sunshine, strawberries, blue skies, fields of daisies and summer walks with picnics! Yesterday I tucked into the first punnet of British strawberries of the season. Oh my, they were soooo good! Right now we're considering a gluten free diet in our household (for health reasons) and I'm on the hunt for some great summer recipes, particularly sweet treats to make use of the summer fruits. Frangipane tarts are one of my absolute favourites and are great for just about any fruit you fancy! I found this tartlet recipe over at Torie Jayne, who has a bunch of fab gluten free ideas on her gorgeous blog, and they are the perfect size for picnics. Nom nom!

Remember to join us over at making everyday beautiful and share your gorgeous summer pictures.




making everyday beautiful : handmade

emma lamb

Hello my blog buddies, I hope you all had a fab weekend with lots of picnics at the beach or in your local park!? As it turns out the picnic weather bypassed Edinburgh and instead of long lazy afternoons sitting in the sun we took in a few blowy but nice walks around Arthur's Seat. It's been a while since we've been up there and Spanner loved it! It was good for me to switch off a bit after having such an exciting week last week, I confirmed a fab commission late on Friday and today I am eagerly awaiting a very special yarn delivery. So excited! As soon as it arrives I shall be diving headlong into a crochet marathon, there's a tight deadline on this project so it will be non-stop for a week - eek! But a tight deadline hopefully means that it won't be long until I can show you exactly what I've been working on, can't wait! Anyhow, until then lets share in some pretty handmade picks from making everyday beautiful...

making everyday beautiful : handmade | Emma Lamb

Image credits: 1. Dorie Schwarz, 2. marlene rodrigues, 3. found and sewn, 4. olivia villarreal, 5. juli-gold

I spotted Dorie's stunning chevron quilt on Pinterest (thank you Rachel!) and immediately fell in love with it. After finding my way to her Flickr pages and inviting her image to the group I knew I had to use it as inspiration for one of my Monday round-ups. Sticking with the handmade theme I found this gorgeous collection of subtle zig-zags, stripes and colour blocks in pretty shades of plum, pink and ochre. Slightly autumnal and definitely hinting back to that putty-pink thing again... yikes!

Emma, x