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today I'm loving : Josh Ritter's fabulous new video

emma lamb

Thanks to my lovely Man I am a huge fan of Josh Ritter's music and barely a day goes by when I am not in my studio with a bunch of his albums on shuffle in the background. So many of his tunes are my favourites but at the moment every time a live version of 'Golden Age of Radio' comes around I can't help but sing along, albeit very quietly if I think someone might be in earshot of my dreadful efforts!

So of course I am quite keen on hearing his new EP 'Brining In the Darlings' and when I spotted that Etsy had the world premiere of this video, for the track 'Love Is Making Its Way Back Home' from said EP, I was thrilled. Doubly so after I watched it!
It is an incredible piece of work, a stop motion animation created with 12,000 paper cut frames. Wow! Not only that but it is also sprinkled with Mr Ritter's sweet and quirky sense of humour, you can't help but smile at the stag! Of course the tune itself is lovely and I can't wait to hear the whole EP.

This video was made by Prominent Figures and you can read more about it here on Etsy, here on Mr Ritter's website and here at Prominent Figures blog.

Emma, x

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I have a bit of a confession

emma lamb

See, the thing is...

I really hate the autumn and winter...

No really!

Don't get me wrong there are a couple of nice things. Like the amazing show of colour that mother nature is putting on at the moment with the turning trees. Eating lots of home-cooked stews, casseroles and soups, made with yummy seasonal veg like pumpkins and squash. Obviously there are the cosy nights in with a yarny project or two, a glass of wine and bar of yummy chocolate (I know, I know! I do the wine and choccy thing all year round, but there's something even sweeter about it when it's all dark and chilly out!)

Yeah, I do recall maybe mentioning that I might have possibly been looking forward to this time of year - mostly because I had forgotten, or possibly blocked it from my memory, about how miserable and depressing these dark nights are! Do you know the streetlights came on at 4.15 tonight! By 4.45 it was pitch black! Dark! Night time! It wasn't even a week ago that the clocks changed and I'm already fed up of this! I can already feel myself getting grumpy, maybe even cranky, possibly a bit huffy too - I'm sure, at the mere mention of this, a wee shiver just ran down my man's spine!

Oh, and this is all before the temperature has dropped below double figures, but be sure that 'that rant' will come as soon as it does!

So anyhow I thought I would start a new blog post feature. I'm not thinking of a set day or time for this it, just whenever I need something to smile about, a wee pick me up or something to make me chuckle. Hmmm, 'a wee pick me up', I think that sounds just about right.

So here is today's wee pick me up...

Alexi Murdoch and his gorgeous song 'Breathe'. I heard it on SGU (Stargate Universe) a couple of weeks ago and loved it. I love his singing voice, and I can't believe I haven't heard of him already, especially as he is british!

Oh, and if you have any I would love to hear your 'wee pick me up' tips and treats too,

Emma, x

ps : To make things easier, and a bit less time consuming for myself, I've decided to start replying to your comments directly in the comments section which is now embedded below. I hope you don't mind too much?

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