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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

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spotted : Forever Flower Garland at Aesthetic Outburst!

emma lamb

Oh my! I can't tell you how excited I was when I spotted one of my Forever Flower Garlands over at Aesthetic Outburst the other day... giddy almost! Not just because I am a huge fan of Abbey and her blog, but because of the amazing room the garland is helping to decorate. I would have loved my childhood bedroom to look just like Kicky's big girl bedroom...

So excited to spot a Forever Flower Garland over at Aesthetic Outburst decorating Kicky's big girl bedroom! | Emma Lamb
All images: Abbey Hendrickson for Aesthetic Outburst

Isn't it fabulous!? So wonderfully colourful and eclectic, playful and energetic! I am completely in love with all the quirky wee details too - the golden cat, the airbrushed portrait of Susan B. Anthony, the cross stitch alphabet samplers*, the huge dog painting above the bed and the tutu side table with a fabulous cat lamp perched on top of it...! I'm actually half jealous that my grown up bedroom looks nothing like this, ha!
What's even more inspiring is when you see the before pictures of a dark and depressing room with it's 70's wood panelling. Hop on over to Aesthetic Outburst to see what I'm talking about and for even more fabulous 'after' pictures.

Emma, x

*I know Abbey is a huge fan of cross stitch designs and has worked with Pistachio Press to create a fabulous range of cross stitch inspired cards, calendars and notebooks.

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colour pinning : grey and gold

emma lamb

colour pinning : grey and gold | Emma Lamb
Clockwise from top left: 1. oldnewagain, 2. Heath Killen, 3. Niki Jones (thank you mrs French!), 4. Erin Dollar

It's been a week or two since I've been able to browse all my favourite sites and pin my most favourite finds to my Pinterest pages, but it seems that my wee love affair with these glamorous neutrals and the geometric trend has not been interrupted by this wee break. Today I just can't get enough of them...

colour pinning : grey and gold | Emma Lamb
bovill road location at 1st option

colour pinning : grey and gold | Emma Lamb
Clockwise from top left: 1. Marimekko collection at New Wall (via design*sponge), 2. David Stark for West Elm (via decor8), 3. via emmas designblogg (thank you Brittni!), 4. Photographic Amy

colour pinning : grey and gold | Emma Lamb
bovill road location at 1st option

I think this would make a wonderful festive colour theme if you're not one for the traditional multi-coloured brights. All those soft greys, creams and taupe shades with a smattering of gold in a few sumptuous silk pillows, some delicate paper bunting or gorgeous crockery that would be perfect for a festive dinner. Of course a wee bit of sparkle with a few gold sequins wouldn't look out of place either!

Emma, x

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some granny chic goodnes...

emma lamb

it's been a while since i've featured any pretty pictures from our 'granny chic' pool over on Flickr, which is a wee bit naughty of me since there seems to be a never ending supply of gorgeous imagery submitted on a daily basis!
so today i thought i would remedy the situation with a selection of some of my favourite 'granny chic' spaces that just ooze laid back comfort with that signature vintage girlie appeal...
enjoy... :)

~ svankatwijk ~

~ dottie angel ~

~ melissann ~

~ ted and agnes ~

~ folly and glee ~

~ heylucy ~

( did you notice all the pretty pillows again!? )


Pin it Forward!

emma lamb

Yay! so today it is my turn to 'Pin it Forward'! I'm sure lots of you will have already heard about this wee blogging relay that is going on, it has been co-ordinated by the ever so fabulous Victoria, of sfgirlbybay, and the genius folks at Pinterest! The idea is to create a virtual mood board, over on Pinterest, illustrating 'what home means to me' by pinning beautiful images from all over the web onto it - the genius bit about Pinterest is that it automatically saves the link to the source of the image your pinning, brilliant! You can see mine right here along with all my other pin boards that have fast become my newest online addiction! seriously, I'm having to drag myself away from the computer in the mornings just to get dressed! Anyhoo, without further ado here is 'what home means to me'...

Pin it Forward with Emma Lamb

My creative space - As I work from home this is probably the space that is most important to me. It is where I love to be and I spend a huge amount of my time there. It is where I explore my creativity and pour my heart in to the things I make. I love being able to sit at my desk making beautiful things with the sunlight streaming through my window, great tunes to sing along to (as long as no one is listening!) and a handy bar of chocolate for when the energy levels need a wee boost.

Pin it Forward with Emma Lamb

Vintage and handmade - I love pieces that tell a 'story', whether that the history of being loved by many people over the long years of their life or the story of the hands that made them, putting so much care and attention into their creation. For me, buying vintage or handmade takes a lot of careful thought to choose pieces that I know I will love and treasure forever, I want to respect their 'stories' by adding a new chapter of my own. I love the idea of being surrounded with beautiful pieces that I've forged such an emotional connection with in this way.

Pin it Forward with Emma Lamb

Home cooking - Much to my man's dismay we don't eat out as often as he would like, I much prefer great home cooked meals, taking time over the preparing, cooking and eating to enjoy every moment and always with a good glass of wine.

Pin it Forward with Emma Lamb

Sleep easy - I do love my bed and I do love to sleep, it is my safe place and to be quite honest there's nothing quite like sleeping in on a sunny Sunday morning with breakfast in bed is theere!?

Pin it Forward with Emma Lamb

Home is where my heart is - I love my man, I love my wee man, I love being at the beach and I love sunny days! So when they're all combined in one beautiful day I'm more at home than ever.

Remember to check out my 'pin it forward' pin board to find details of where all these fabby images came from.

Pin it Forward with Emma Lamb

Thank you to the lovely Megan Charland for passing the baton to me, now it is my turn to pass on the baton to the lovely Leanne, of Quilts a Bit, who will be bringing you her Pin it Forward post tomorrow.

Wishing you all the most fabulous day!
Emma, x

Edited to add - You can find a full list of all the blogs participating in 'Pin it Forward' here on Victoria's blog.

it's okay to be a 'granny chic' addict...

emma lamb

...wise words from the lovey miss Tif, aka dottie angel, who officially announced my new 'granny chic' flickr group to the world in a guest post over at sfgirlbybay... is true, it is perfectly okay to an addict of all things 'granny chic'! it is perfectly normal to want to hang a collection of beautiful pot holders on the wall, or to cover your sofa with a fabulous rainbow coloured crochet afghan! why wouldn't you want to wear a delicately crocheted brooch with your favourite cardigan, while pouring tea from a vintage tea-pot, with maybe a plate of ginger-snaps arranged perfectly on a delicate china plate with a sweet paper doily! why wouldn't you want to do any of these things!?

...well to our delight, miss Tif and i are not the only ones with such 'granny chic' tendencies! here are just a handful of our fellow addicts proudly showing off their 'granny chic' ways...

...Dining area ~ LarkingAbout...

...Blossom Brooch ~ Edera Jewelry...

...the family room... ~ dottieangel...

...Tea set ~ kitschcafe...

... . ~ unravelling [susannah]... on ~ ethanollie... if you are looking at these wonderful pics and thinking ~ 'that's me! that's how i see the world ~ through wee doily tinted lenses! why doesn't he get it!?' ~ then brew yourself a lovely cuppa in that vintage tea-pot and come over to flickr and join us in the love of all things 'granny chic' :)

(loving ginger-snaps at the moment!)
x ~ i feel there may be a promotion in the air ;)