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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

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etsy favourites : starting a list for you know who!

emma lamb

No not Voldemort! The other fella. You know, the beardy one in the red suit? Keeps a list of who's been naughty and nice? Yeah, him! It's still a bit soon to be mentioning his name out loud but after the irritable morning I've had (dumb computers again) I'm feeling totally justified in doing a wee spot of window shopping on Etsy and starting my you know what list...

etsy picks : starting a list for you know who! / curated by Emma Lamb
Links: 1. Bazaar Living, 2. materialised, 3. Heartland Yarn Company, 4. koshikira, 5. Stepanka Ceramics, 6. Shards by Tania, 7. Blue Raspberry Designs, 8. Tada by Jill McDonald, 9. gennamaria, 10. Kate Zaremba Company, 11. Spoonful, 12. A Crooked Sixpence

I adore Princess Sienna from Materialised, a complete diva of a cat who insists on wearing her crown to bed! Vincent Van Gogh with his hand painted tattoos is so fabulous! You should definitely check out the rest of Blue Raspberry Designs tattooed plush dolls, they are just as amazingly beautiful too. Oh, and how beautiful is koshikira's agate necklace!? That blue is so delicious! As are Tania Covo's sea glass earrings. Tania creates some of the best sea glass jewellery I've ever seen and seems to know just how to get the best out of the beautiful glass and pottery pieces she finds.

Have you seen Jill McDonald's 'I Think I Can' print before? If you haven't hop over and take a peek to see the ending. I think this is top of my list today because in the simplest and sweetest way it sums up my thought process for new ideas. Well most of them! Occasionally things do go awry and on those occasions my last thought wouldn't be quite so pleasant and most likely just a wee bit bluer!

Happy Friday!
Emma, x

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etsy favourites : woodland wonder

emma lamb

After yesterday's book review of Stephanie Dosen's Woodland Knits I'm feeling totally inspired by the woodland theme. It's just too adorable! And while prowling the aisles of Etsy today I've been discovering all kinds of woodland wonders...

Etsy picks : Woodland Wonder / curated by Emma Lamb
Links: 1. Colette Bream, 2. burnish, 3. Andie's Speciality Sweets, 4. Gallivanting Girls, 5. peraboom, 6. These Woods, 7. af jewellery, 8. Lupen Grainne, 9. 3girlsandagoat, 10. Golly Bard, 11. ohchalet, 12. Sea Pinks

I love Ali the Owl from Collette Bream and These Woods' lace fox mask is just amazing! Not to mention those fabulous wild mushrooms from Andie's Speciality Sweets, yes indeed those are handmade edible chocolate mushrooms! Everything in that shop is so insanely realistic and totally drool-worthy, take a peek at their chocolate oyster shells too. Wow! My favourite pick of the day though has to be the tiny leaf earrings from Burnish, they are rose gold plate which gives them the prettiest pinkish tone. Perfect for the coming autumn and definitely going on my wish list!

Emma, x

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etsy favourites : favourite lists!!!

emma lamb

Etsy favourite lists : 'perfectly at home' curated by Emma Lamb

Yay! Yay and double yay! Oh I am so happy that Etsy have at last introduced this fabulous new feature - Favourite Lists!

For as long as I have known Etsy it has been a requested and suggested feature in the forums. I know I have craved it for a long time too, especially so after my treasury obsession subsided. To be able to sort and organise my finds into pretty collections and to co-ordinate them into to gorgeous colour groupings - an obsession you know I will never get over!

Etsy favourite lists : 'art wall' curated by Emma Lamb

Since discovering this new feature yesterday I have created six main boards (aside from the main collection holding all on my favourites, called 'Items I Love') to cover the categories I favourite regularly - jewellery, clothes and accessories, home decor, art, craft supplies and of course yarn! At the moment 'perfectly at home' and 'art wall' are my top faves. I want all of these things for my new living room, if only it were big enough and I had a lovely new sofa to plump all those cushions on... *sigh* Although it's not all bad my fabulous new white walls are ready and begging to be adorned with colourful prints!

Etsy favourite lists : 'wardrobe envy' curated by Emma Lamb

Etsy favourite lists : 'jewellery box' curated by Emma Lamb

Etsy favourite lists : 'feeling crafty' curated by Emma Lamb

Etsy favourite lists : 'delicious yarns' curated by Emma Lamb
(click on each of the images to be taken directly to that particular collection)

I've yet to curate a colour collection but I am sure that will happen soon over a large pot of tea and equally large bar of chocolate! If you've already started organising your Etsy faves too let me know in the comments so I can pop over and take a peek.

Emma, x

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etsy favourites : no place like home sweet home

emma lamb

It's been a long time coming (a very, very, very long time!) but I'm hopeful that 2013 will finally be the year we can at last focus on refurbishing and redecorating the inside of our wee home. We've had at least a three year delay thanks to the outside of the building being in desperate need of repairs (it's a very long, boring and expensive story... ugh!) and in that time we've been living with wood chip wallpaper on almost every surface, bare crumbling plaster on others, rickety floorboards, dodgy plumbing, etc, etc, etc.

But this year there is light at the end of the tunnel, this year we can fix things ready for the best part... decorating! This year I don't need to fill up my Etsy shopping cart with lots of goodies only to delete them at the end of the day once I've got that shopping urge out of my system. This year I can window shop with intent. Serious intent. It feels so freeing, I'm almost giddy at the possibilities!

Etsy treasury 'no place like home sweet home' curated by Emma Lamb
First row: 1. min-jon, 2. Ashley Goldberg, 3. Julia Paul Pottery, 4. Dimple Stitch
Second row: 1. Irona, 2. Bright Wall Vintage, 3. Sweet William, 4. Mudpuppy
Third row: 1. Love, Audra Creations, 2. House of Seance, 3. CHIAOZZA, 4. Up in the Air Somewhere
Fourth row: 1. Earth Cadets, 2. Kitiya Palaskas, 3. Timo Handmade, 4. Jesús Perea

Today these are just a few of the things I'm coveting for that shiny new home I have pictured in my mind. Recently I've come to realise that one of my favourite colours around my home is gold, preferably matt gold tones like those of the vintage tins I have piled up on my studio shelves. Mix those up with vintage shades of olive and mustard, warm grey and honey wood tones with lots of creamy white and the odd pop of pink and I think I might have found my perfect palette!

Emma, x

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etsy favourites : feeling a little non-traditionally festive

emma lamb

In my studio this week I'm crocheting up a few festive ideas with some traditionally festive colours and alongside those I'm working with some deep charcoal grey for a separate project. Today while looking through my Etsy favourites I can see that those two ideas are coming together in perfect harmony and are influencing the pieces I'm being drawn to. Maybe I should pay more attention and listen harder to my subconscious... ?

feeling a little non-traditionally festive : Etsy treasury curated by Emma Lamb