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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

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crochet crush : Lalylala, the best amigurumi dolls on the block!

emma lamb

Have you met Dirk the Dragon and his friends? They are the most adorable group of colourful crochet characters you could ever hope to meet! I am just a little bit in love with Dirk right now :)

crochet crush : lalylala, the best amigurumi dolls on the block! | Emma Lamb

This collection of fabulous and whimsical crochet creatures are from the imagination of graphic and textile designer Lydia Tresselt based in Munich, Germany.

"Hello there, my name is Lydia - some call me Laly...

I like the smell of thunderstorms in summer, snail shells, to burst bubble wrap, chocolate & vanilla ice cream and being barefoot in the meadow. In my opinion duct tape is a really important invention. I'm reading books while walking and appreciate to take a stroll in the wood searching mushrooms. Lalylala is the stage for my addiction in crafting - especially crochet and knitting stuff."

The most wonderful thing is that these aren't just objects to buy, no! Lydia has created patterns for each and everyone one of her unique amigurumi doll designs and they are available for you to buy so that you can create your own whimsical creature! How fab is that!? I can crochet my own Dirk to be my bestest friend ever... *ahem* ...after Spanner and my Man of course! Yay! Check out Lalylala's beautiful website to see who is waiting to be crocheted or take a peek at one of her online shops - Etsy, Dawanda or Ravelry - to buy a pattern.

crochet crush : lalylala, the best amigurumi dolls on the block! | Emma Lamb
All images: Lalylala

Once you have bought and downloaded your first Lalylala design be sure to check out Lydia's blog for a special Easter freebie where she shows you how to adapt her basic doll design and create the most adorable Easter rabbit ever! She's called Rita, isn't she gorgeous!?

So tell me, who would you choose to be your bestest friend ever? Yeah, I guess you could also make these for someone else too and I am sure your kids would love Dirk or one of his pals to be their bestest friends too... but you know, priorities!

Oh yes, and if you need a little inspiration be sure to check out the Lalylala crocheters gallery on Pinterest. There are some seriously cute creations on there as well as a few interesting customisations. Happy browsing!

Emma, x

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designer maker : lampshade workshop with Marna Lunt

emma lamb

designer maker : lampshade workshop with Marna Lunt | Emma Lamb

Hello, hello! Today I want to tell you guys about this fabulous workshop that my lovely friend Marna Lunt will be running in Devon this coming May. If you remember back in November I invited Marna to share her colour story here on my blog where she talked about not only her love of colour but her love of creating texture with a needle and thread and how it bonds her to her artwork. It is so exciting to think that Marna will now be sharing her knowledge and passion for her craft through this wonderful workshop! Read on for all the details...

This two day workshop will run on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th May, 2014 at Burrow Wood Farm. Between 10 and 4 each day Marna will be teaching you how to make your very own floral, hand stitched lampshade much like her stunning original in these pictures. Isn't it gorgeous!? All materials will be provided for you to create your very own piece of textile artwork that you can then turn into a unique shade to take home with you.

Marna will guide you through the process step by step teaching you about a variety of embroidery stitches, working different threads and fabrics, how to realise your own design and transfer it to fabric as well as how to create a drum lampshade. Throughout the creative process you will be encouraged to discover your own inspirations and unique personal style and once you have created your first shade Marna will be giving you lots of helpful tips and ideas for displaying and creating more shades in all different shapes and sizes. Plus you will get a goody bag with another lampshade kit to take home with you so that you can practise your new found skills beyond the workshop. Fantastic!

"Skill level: Beginners very welcome, I will guide you through some basic stitches and you can learn more as you go. If you can do basic back stitch you will be able to accomplish a huge amount. I do not use machines at all, everything will be hand stitched and we will experiment with all sorts of new stitches depending on your comfort zone. People with a good knowledge of embroidery stitches will still have lots to learn an play with."

designer maker : lampshade workshop with Marna Lunt | Emma Lamb

And as if that wasn't enough to tempt you the workshop will be held in a beautiful barn conversion at The Burrow, Burrow Wood Farm in Devon, UK...

"The Burrow is a detached self catering contemporary barn conversion, situated between the Jurassic Coast at Sidmouth, and the the ancient town of Ottery St. Mary. Based on our smallholding, in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we are surrounded by rolling fields and quiet country lanes."

Marna promises a "very exiting" and "wonderfully relaxing weekend of making with like minded people" in the most beautiful countryside surroundings! Each day a light lunch will be provided and I am assured there will be lashings of tea and cake, yay! And knowing Marna as I do I know there will also be lots of great chat and plenty of laughs too! She is an absolutely wonderful lady and I know everyone will have the best weekend with her. So exciting!

designer maker : lampshade workshop with Marna Lunt | Emma Lamb
All images: Marna Lunt (above - A detail of Marna's famous Liberty of London textile art piece! Commissions available upon request and art prints are available here.)

For full details of the workshop please visit Marna's website and to find out how to get to The Burrow check their website here.

If this is something you would love to do you will need to book your spot quickly as there are only two places left and if you book your spot before this coming Monday (6th April) you will get the special 'early bird' price with a £50 discount. Don't be disappointed!

Emma, x

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sponsor spotlight : the most fabulous marbles & mustachioed men!

emma lamb

Sorry to all the Tom Selleck, Ned Flanders and Morgan Spurlock fans out there, none of these fabulously mustachioed men are featured in today's post :(

Sorry, but I thought I had best clear that up before I give a wee shout out to two of my lovely blog sponsors!

sponsor spotlight : handmade marbles from Super Maus & Putti | Emma Lamb

Super Maus & Putti : This is a brand new Etsy shop to me and maybe you too? But as soon as I spotted Sophie and Sander's handmade glass marbles I was head over heels, smitten in love! It's totally my vintage glass addiction kicking in, all those fab Murano style patterns and bubbles trapped inside these little balls of fabulousness. Oh how I wish I could have played with these as a wee girl, so much prettier than the regular ones my brother always had! Sophie and Sander also create lots of other glass loveliness including pendants if you would prefer to wear one around your neck instead of throwing it across the ground!

sponsor spotlight : mr bruce and mr larry, handmade ottomans by Lovelui | Emma Lamb

Lovelui : Here they are, the fabulous mustachioed men Mr. Bruce and Mr. Larry! Aren't they just adorable!? Perfect for any boy or girls room these two ottomans are handmade in Australia by Marthes in the softest quilted cotton making them a comfy place to sit and plan their next cheeky adventure. I am sure Mr. Bruce and Mr. Larry with have a few ideas of their own when it comes to cheeky adventures, don't you!? Who is your favourite? I'm thinking Mr. Bruce, his moustache is quite impressive!

If you are looking for sponsorship opportunities in April I have lots of options available including the 'featured sponsor' slot which is currently more prominent as it appears above the fold. Check out all the details on my sponsorship page and do drop me a note if you have any questions. Thank you!

Emma, x

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jewellery box : spring picks from Uncommon Goods

emma lamb

Besides the obvious yarn shopping, chocolate wishing and pinning the other way I find myself procrastinating the hours away in any given day is by endlessly browsing for beautiful handmade jewellery. OMG, there is so much out there! So many incredible artists creating the most uniquely beautiful baubles to adorn our ears, necks, wrists and fingers. Necklaces are by far my favourite and Uncommon Goods represents some fabulous artists in their handmade jewellery collection, these are my top picks...

Lotus on Wire Necklace by Ronni Capos at Uncommon Goods | Emma Lamb
Lotus on Wire Necklace by Ronni Kappos : OMG, I love this necklace sooooo much! Pre WWII vintage glass beads from Germany, stunning colour palette and the iconic lotus design is no longer restricted to kitchen enamelware. I love the thirties Art Deco vibe and can picture this adorning the necks of all those beautiful Gatsby ladies! If you love this necklace as much as I so be sure to check out Ronni Kappos' full collection especially the Lotus Earrings and Grain Necklace.

Silver Spoon Handcut Necklace by Moniek Van Zyl and Marlette Strauss at Uncommon Goods | Emma Lamb
Silver Spoon Handcut Necklace by Moniek Van Zyl and Marlette Strauss : How wonderfully whimsical and uniquely beautiful is this upcycled spoon necklace!? I love to see such clever upcycling ideas used in handmade jewellery and this is such a great example. If you look closely you will be able to see that the adorable wee kite is linked on chains so it will move with you and look as though it is swaying in the wind. Such a great detail!

Large Faceted Pendant by Julie Moon at Uncommon Goods | Emma Lamb
Large Faceted Pendant by Julie Moon : I adore the burst of candy colours in this geometric ceramic pendant, it's just so much fun and absolutely perfect for the coming spring. It would work so well with jeans and a plain white shirt and cardigan combo, you know that clean casual look with a tiny pop of colour? Julie Moon also has earrings and a similar smaller pendant in her collection and the Prism Pendant which would work just as well in place of this Faceted Pendant!

Copper Rays Necklace by Susan Harbourt at Uncommon Goods | Emma Lamb
Copper Rays Necklace by Susan Harbourt : Last but by no means least this beautiful and understated copper necklace, yet another stunning example of upcycling at it's best. Susan Harbourt works with reclaimed copper and silver and was originally inspired by the aged copper wiring removed from the walls of her Edwardian Era house which she wove into her very first bracelet. As we know copper is a huge trend for interiors right now and it has long been a favourite of jewellery designers but it is so good to see such a fresh take on this material in the simple design of this necklace. Love it!

As I mentioned, these are just a few of my favourites from Uncommon Goods, but here is so much more in the way of unique jewellery to discover over there. I did say I can lose hours browsing this handmade goodness didn't I!?

One thing I really love about Uncommon Goods is that they are keen to support jewellery artists and designers and are always looking to represent new talent. Each month they run Jewelry Design Challenge where you are free to submit your own work, the winner receives $1000 plus the opportunity to work with Uncommon Goods and the runners up will receive a supportive critique from the judges as well as helpful tips for growing your business from the marketing team. How fabulous is that!? The challenge is open to all US residents over 18 and accepts all kinds of design styles just so long as they are safe and animal friendly, "so no lead, leather, feathers, or pearls", what have you got to lose!? Full details here. Go, go, go!

Emma, x

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jewellery box : BITZA by Amy Lawrence

emma lamb

New BITZA collection of upcycled crochet jewellery from Amy Lawrence Knitted Designs | Emma Lamb

You will most likely know the incredibly talented Amy Lawrence from her innovative collection of geometric and tribal inspired knitted jewellery. But in recent months when her hands haven't been kept busy by her beloved Italian knitting machine she has been tinkering with other ideas that have developed into her new side project - BITZA. A collection of necklaces meticulously pieced together from up-cycled crochet lace, leather, interesting yarns and embellishments found at antique markets, charity shops or passed on from friends and family.

New BITZA collection of upcycled crochet jewellery from Amy Lawrence Knitted Designs | Emma Lamb

Aren't these gorgeous!? I was lucky enough to snap up one of Amy's prototypes a few months ago and it has since become one of my favourite necklaces to wear, so light and comfortable and totally unique too. Every necklace in the BITZA line is a one-of-a-kind and today I'm feeling so greedy for all of them! I love the colours in this wee collection especially - the natural vintage tones of the lace with natural leather, blush pink and cool grey with tiny pops of aqua and yellow. So pretty! When I'm not wearing mine I like to hang it across a mirror in my studio so I can admire it. The mark of a great piece of jewellery indeed, when you can't bear to lock it away in a box and have to put it on display so you can see it everyday!

New BITZA collection of upcycled crochet jewellery from Amy Lawrence Knitted Designs | Emma Lamb
All images: Amy Lawrence Knitted Designs for BITZA

Currently Amy sells this unique collection through her new BITZA Facebook page, where you can also keep up to date with news on new works in the pipeline. Definitely worth keeping a wee eye on I think, I know I will be stalking her page for updates and gorgeous new pieces to add to my collection!

Emma, x

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