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crochet pinning : cute blankets

emma lamb

crochet pinning : cute blankets | Emma Lamb's favourites from the Makers on Pinterest 'Crochet' board

Hello my blog buddies and happy, happy Friday! I hope you have all had a fantastic week and are enjoying the warm weather, especially all of you here in the UK!? It looks set to be a fab weekend with the start of the summer temperatures and you know what that means rights!? Picnic weather! Woo-hoo! I am so, so happy about that I can't tell you! So of course my thoughts are turning to picnic blankets of the crocheted kind and I find myself wondering if I have the time to fit in such a project amongst all the others I have going on right now? Even if I don't it's not stopping me from gathering lots of cute inspiration over on my Pinterest pages...

A granny 'sampler' blanket has been at the top of my 'must crochet one day' list for as long as I can remember and I think it's high time I got on with it. It would the perfect picnic project too, with just a ball of yarn and a hook I can crochet any kind of square I fancy. Making an odd square here and there would mean I could spend the whole summer pootling away on it and by the time the autumn comes around I'd finally be able to cross that one off my list. Perfect!

I really need to practice my tapestry crochet skills too and Claire Montgomerie's fab polygon triangles would be the ideal project for it. Find this pattern is in the current issue (53) of Inside Crochet. I love the colours she's used int this version, aren't they yummy!? I'm still loving those rich sapphire blues!

So tell me, what's at the top of your 'must crochet one day' list? Because I know you all have one ;)

Emma, x

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crochet pinning : happy colours!

emma lamb

Happy Friday everyone! Today I have spent much of my day working with some very happy colours, but since I can't share them with you just now I thought I would find some around internet land and tell you about an epic project I've been asked to do instead.

crochet pinning : happy colours! / Favourite picks from the Makers on Pinterest 'Crochet' board managed by Emma Lamb

Some of you may have heard of 'Teachers on Pinterest', a collection of Pinterest boards devoted to all things education where teachers from around the world could come together in a supportive community to share ideas, support and inspire each other. The project was such a huge success that Pinterest have started another UK based community called 'Makers on Pinterest' to create a hub for all things diy and craft, everything from seasonal holiday crafts to more specific techniques such as screen printing, knitting, quilting and you guessed it - Crochet!

The super fantabulous exciting news is that I have been invited to manage the Crochet board and oversee it's curation... *eep*

Omg, omg, omg! OMG! I can't tell you guys how thrilled I am to have this new job! To say I was giddy when Pinterest first asked my is a huge understatement! Actually I was a wee bit sceptical at first since it was one of those things that seemed too good to be true you know? It's not everyday Pinterest comes along and asks you to do this kind of thing, is it!?

I have only just begun to add pins to this board but I have big plans for it's development as part of our creative community. My hope is that it will be a place to support and showcase great crochet designers, provide inspiration for crocheters of all levels and be a source book of links for all things crochet related, everything from designs to tutorials and beautiful yarns. This will be an undertaking of gargantuan proportions I know so I don't plan to do it all on my own, no way! Over the coming months I will be looking to invite some wonderful fellow crochet obsessives enthusiasts to join me and together I hope we can share lots of beautiful crochet with you all!

So yes, today marks the start of a new coloumn on my blog called 'crochet pinning' where I will share some of my top picks from the Crochet board with you. Of course I will include direct links to each of the pins so you can go off and explore a wee bit of crochet loveliness for yourselves over a large pot of tea. You will definitely need a large pot of tea and probably some chocolate too, maybe even cake or some biscuits! Because you know once you jump down that rabbit hole, it goes on forever...

Wishing you all happy colours for the weekend,
Emma, x

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