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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

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colour pinning : egg-ceptional hues!

emma lamb

colour pinning : egg-ceptional hues! | Emma Lamb

I know. I know. Terrible pun! But it was just too perfect for today's post! Lately I've been gathering a wee bit of eggy inspiration over on my Pinterest pages and I'm amazed at the creativity and resourcefulness of folk when it comes to decorating humble little eggs. I think my favourite methods are those that make the most of the natural brown colour of regular eggs or the subtle tones from naturally dyeing white eggs. So pretty! I'll certainly be rummaging through my kitchen cupboards for some interesting colours this weekend. Do you have any recommendations for good colours? I know I have a red cabbage to try and maybe something in the way of spices? What have you tried before that you know makes for pretty colours?

colour pinning : egg-ceptional hues! | Emma Lamb

colour pinning : delicate pastel tones

emma lamb

It's starting to feel a little overcast around here with all the muted grey tones I've been blogging about recently, isn't it!? So today I thought it would be refreshing to take a wee break from my 'grey phase' and share some of the delicate pastel tones that are catching my eye over on my Pinterest pages...

colour pinning : delicate pastel tones / curated by Emma Lamb

1. Faultline - Abstract Painting : Lisa Congdon {pin} Oh, if I could afford to buy original art I would have snapped up this beauty from Lisa. It is just gorgeous!

2. Flower Bulb Drop : Unique's {pin} Love this upcycled vase, such a simple and fantastic idea!

3. Macrame Plant Hanger : Slow Down Productions {pin} Macrame at it's best or what!? I so need this in my life!

4. BRÅKIG BY ARTREBELS - IKEA COLLAB : ArtRebels {pin} It's been a while since I've been excited about Ikea stuff, I think there might have been one sofa last season but before that I can't think of anything! But this collaboration with ArtRebels is great! I love the colour and pattern in the table ware collection and how it's been style with the wood grain backdrop to echo other pieces from the collection such as these drawers.

5. Eternal Garden : The Wheatfield {pin} One for the romantics!

6. At Home With: Interior Designer, Soledad Alzaga | Rue Daily {pin} I adore the warmth of the green walls in this bedroom, so inviting! Do check out the rest of this home tour too, it's all very pretty.

7. WHITE Plated Ring with Rough Quartz : Aloha Gaia {pin} I don't wear rings all that often but I am totally smitten with these chunky stones and how they're displayed here. The colours are so pretty together and I'd be tempted to have them just for display.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Emma, x

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colour pinning : geometric rainbows

emma lamb

Happy Friday my friends! I hope you've all had a great week!? I've spent the last few days wrapped up in blankets while sipping hot honey and lemon to try and fend off a nasty cold/flu bug. After three days of feeling utterly grotty I'm hoping I'll be more like my old self tomorrow ready to make the most of the weekend.

One of the few things that has kept my sanity in tact these last few days has been getting to play with my spiffy new laptop. OMG, I love it! It is so fast and easy. Everything just works and that dreaded 'why won't you connect to my wifi' moment was entirely non-existent, phew! Oh, and the touch screen! The touch screen is my absolute favourite. Wheeee!!! Windows 8 on the other hand - meh. I'm not feeling the apps start screen feature at all, but hey-ho maybe that's me just being so behind with all this techie stuff and I know I'll get used to it eventually. Haha!

Anyhow, to end the week I've been having yet more fun over on my Pinterest pages looking for gorgeous colours. So here are a few finds from my 'sing a rainbow' board that are making me smile today...

colour pinning : geometric rainbows // curated by Emma Lamb

1. Digital Floral Cushion : Oliver Bonas {pin} You know me, I do love a wee bit of colourful pixellation!

2. Bonnie Gammill: Color Cloud : Paper Party {pin} How amazing is this colourful raining cloud!? It's entirely handmade with paper by artist Bonnie Gammill, to see more of her pieces just follow the link.

3. wood & wool harlequin blanket : wood & wool stool {pin} Ingrid's harlequins designs and her way with colour are both stunning!

4. Scrappy Hour Glass Blocks : Pink Penguin {pin} Sweet little quilt blocks, just because.

5. Experimental: Ink Sketches : Colourbox {pin} Totally 'cattywampus' rainbows. Yay, got to use my new favourite word!

6. Splash Tray | Fine Little Day {pin}

7. Cubit by Mymito : Archiproducts {pin} I do love this colourful Cubit shelving system, there's an even larger version if you follow the link but I'm quite smitten with this tall and narrow arrangement.

8. rhombus pattern wrapping paper : enna {pin} More harlequin diamonds, also just because ;)

Have a fab weekend everyone!
Emma, x

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colour pinning : parchment & pine forest green

emma lamb

Hello and happy Friday everyone! I'm so happy it's nearly the weekend as this will be the first in a month that I'll be able to get out and about to see the world again. Well I need to wait in for a sofa delivery tomorrow morning but after that I'm outta here! Yep, my sciatica pain has completely subsided for the time being, just in time for my first physiotherapy appointment on Monday. Typical. Still it will be good to get some advice and whatnot to manage or even stop any future flair ups altogether. That would be great!

Anyhow, lets end the week with a few of my favourite pins shall we!? Some of these aren't that recent but I really love this interesting combination of parchment and pine forest green tones...

colour pinning : parchment & pine forest green / curated by Emma Lamb

It's a gorgeous combination, right!? I love the cosy warmth of the parchment tones from creamy whites to the pale gold of the aged book pages balanced with the earthy-ness of the rich greens. Add in some vintage blush pinks and berry reds with graphic black elements and you've got this gorgeous Scandi meets English country vibe going on. I love it!

1. Sussex Countryside : Hello Paper Moon {pin} Nicola from Paper Moon has such a gorgeous sense of colour!

2. At Home With Sarah Sandidge : A Beautiful Mess {pin} A pretty snippet from a beautiful light and airy home, did you notice the tiny green details in the curtain brackets and cushion pom poms!?

3. A series of collages based upon the phrase Stop To Appreciate The Echo, or S.T.A.T.E Magazine : Nicola Starr Illustration {pin} Beautiful collage art!

4. equator : Ochre {pin} I love photo shoots for websites and magazines that style a room with intense colours in the background and this green in amazing!

5. Metsälintu : Sanna Annukka {pin} Gorgeous screen print by Sanna Annukka, this is my favourite from her current collection.

6. The Figgle Family's Cozy First Home House Tour : Apartment Therapy {pin} I love the deep green accents in this kitchen, especially on the wall shelves where the outer edges have been coloured and the interior is still a lovely tone of cream. Such a great idea for adding strong colour without it becoming overwhelming, a wee trick I need to remember!

Emma, x

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colour pinning : clashy brights

emma lamb

So I only just realised I haven't put together a 'colour pinning' collection since my 'jade & peach' confession, which is utter nonsense since I've been pinning some very yummy things lately! This week I started a new board called 'font-tastic' to save up all those gorgeous font cheat sheets I keep favouriting. They are just so pleasing to the eye and oh wow are there some delicious fonts out there! Anyhow, that's not what I want to share today. Today I want to end the week on a high note with some fun and fabulous clashy brights...

A few fabulous clashy bright pins I've been adding to my Pinterest boards recently, aren't they gorgeous!? | Emma Lamb

1. Sunbird Floral Cushion : Joules {pin} I so need this colourful parrot in my life!

2. Make Me: Gift Tags From Magazine Pages : Lisa Tilse for decor8 {pin} Such a sweet idea!

3. Patchwork crochet blanket - kit by Felisimo : Kraso {pin} Another gorgeous crochet blanket idea to add to the 'must make this one day' list!

4. Making Flower Pom-poms with a DIY Pom-pom maker : Mr Printables Blog {pin} Wow. Just wow!

5. Untitled : Kinrisu {pin} A fab artist I only just discovered, she has such a wonderfully free and expressive use of colour!

6. Garden Party wrapping paper for Earth Greetings : Inaluxe {pin} Ah, Kristina and Jason never put a foot wrong, I love their wrapping paper!

7. Multicoloured Mexican Suzani : Table Tonic {pin} What's not to love!? It's just so fabulously clashy and bright!

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you all have the best weekend!
Emma, x

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