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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

Filtering by Tag: I heart Flickr week

i heart flickr, part 5...

emma lamb

Happy, happy Friday... !
What better way to celebrate the start of the weekend than with some delicious red velvet cake balls, an aqua blue Eames rocker with a perfectly granny chic crochet blanket for your lap and the cutest crochet hair clips you have ever seen... !? Really, could there be a more perfect combination... !? I think not... ;)

~ all colours in... : sugarcrawler ~

~ granny chic... : rainingsheep ~

~ ■ knit ■ solid ■ yarn ■ : un arc en ciel dans le lavabo ~

Well it has been quite a hectic week, but everything seems to be under control now and I'm so looking forward to getting back to a normal blogging routine next week. Until then I do wish you all a fabulous weekend... :)

Emma, x

i heart flickr, part 4...

emma lamb

Hello my dears! Here are today's Flickr favourites, a wee bit of a retro theme all round with some classic red and white ~ my favourite!

~ all colours in... : super ninon ~

~ granny chic... : Ingthings ~

~ ■ knit ■ solid ■ yarn ■ : svankatwijk ~

I'm keeping it short and sweet today as I still have a lot of things to busy myself with. I do hope you're all having a wonderful week though!?

Oh before I forget, if you like you can swing by the Artisans Collective blog for a peek at a wee guest post I did yesterday. The Artisans Collective is a wonderful Etsy team that I'm so proud to be a part of. As well as our blog, you can also check out our website and brand new Etsy team page. We have some incredibly talented members and I'm sure you will find some wonderful creations that you will absolutely love... :)

Emma, x

i heart flickr, part 3...

emma lamb

Wow, it's midweek already! The last couple of days seem to have whizzed past in a wee blur of frantic organising and writing. I've still got a whole lot to get done before the week is out but I'm slowly but surely getting on top of the huge 'to do' list that keeps taunting me! Thankfully the wild weather is taking a wee break today and the sun is shining bright. Someone must have heard my wee plea for some sunny light because I really need it today to snap some pretty pics around my studio... eek! I'm saying no more... ;)

So anyhoo, for this midweek moment of calm I thought some suitably calming images from our Flickr groups would be perfect. I absolutely love the faded pastel shades in this wee collection. They are so well placed in the vintage floral textiles and I love the textures of these reclaimed 'shabby' wood plaques by Wood & Wool Stool...

~ all colours in... : wood & wool stool ~

~ granny chic... : kristenaderrick ~

~ ■ knit ■ solid ■ yarn ■ : Sparrowsalvage ~

Now I must not get distracted with hunting down a pretty white lotus bowl for my colourful pins, or searching out my beloved bamboo knitting needles to whip up something warm and cosy. Well, at least not til I've tackled that mammoth 'to do' list... hmpf!

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday,
Emma, x

i heart flickr, part 2...

emma lamb

Good morning my lovelies! Today I have a wee selection of 'vintage pink' and 'floral' inspired pretty images to share with you. As I said yesterday, I think these images are a perfect representation of their respective Flickr groups, and I absolutely love them! I hope you do too, enjoy... :)

~ all colours in... : colourful, bright and cheerful fresh flowers from Planet Fur ~

~ granny chic... : pretty in pink, sweetly curated vintage and eclectic finds from gathering spriggs ~

~ ■ knit ■ solid ■ yarn ■ : wonderful perspective of delicate pink petals and yummy yarn from seahorse knits ~

Wishing you all a lovely Tuesday, and if you're in the UK I do hope the weather isn't too wild where you are today!?

Emma, x

a wee break in the usual programming ~ i heart flickr, part 1...

emma lamb

Good morning my lovelies, I do hope you all had a lovely weekend... !?

This week I'm taking a wee break from my usual blogging routine. I have a few exciting things happening at the moment, in fact some very exciting things! I so wish I could tell you all about them but until they come to fruition I need to keep them under my metaphorical hat. So to make sure they actually do happen and do I do have some exciting things to tell you all about some day soon, I really need to spend a few days working on them... :)

But I shall not leave you all high and dry this week, no! I thought I would share with you some fabulous wee collections of images from my most favourite Flickr, specifically from the fabulous Flickr groups I run ~ all colours in, granny chic and ■ knit ■ solid ■ yarn ■ ~ Every day this week I shall share with you one of my favourite images from each group that I think epitomises the concept behind the group.

So without further waffle, lets kick off this 'i heart flickr' week with some gorgeous images to inspire your Monday morning, enjoy... :)

~ all colours in... : daintytime ~

~ granny chic... : dottie angel ~

~ ■ knit ■ solid ■ yarn ■ : erica hogenbirk knitwear ~

If you would like to find out more please do swing by each of these groups and say 'Hello'. Actually it might be a good idea to brew yourself a cuppa and grab your most favourite chocolaty treat first, because there are so many inspiring contributions to these groups that I'm sure you will lose hours browsing them! Oh, and if you would like to share any of your own images we would be utterly thrilled to see them too... :)

Wishing you all a fabulous week... !
Emma, x