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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

colour stories : Tamar Schechner

emma lamb

Can you believe today is the last day of April? This month seems to have whizzed by in a flash! Easter has been and gone and the spring has brought blossom and much appreciated colour back to my world. While there may have been an odd mishap everything else has been good. Plans that have been delayed again and again are slowly but surely coming together step by step, you might have noticed my colourful blog makeover this last week?

colour story : Tamar Schechner | Emma Lamb

Talking of the end of the month and colourful things what better way to round off the end of this spring month than with today's colour story guest - Tamar Schechner of Nest Pretty Things. Tamar is one of my biggest colour crushes! Her eye for pretty and appreciation for beautiful colour and pattern is completely swoon-worthy and shines through in every thing she does. From her ever colourful jewellery collections to her beautiful home and her incredibly popular Tumblr blog where she collects gorgeous inspiration. Read Tamar's colour story after the jump...

Hello, I'm Tamar. Thank you so much dearest Emma for inviting me to write my color story on your blog!

I am a jewelry and accessory designer and I've been selling through my Etsy shop Nest Pretty Things for 8 years now, I also have a jewelry shop for girls Nest Pretty Things Kids and one for brides Nest Pretty Brides I also have a blog

My color story starts many many years ago as a child, I come from a family of artists, my grandfather and my mother were both painters and my dad an architect, I grew up surrounded with color, art, textiles and design. I am originally from NYC but moved to Tel Aviv with my parents as a child, I spent most of my childhood going back and forth between Tel-Aviv and NYC, eventually going to college at Parsons School Of Design in NY were I majored in Communication Design, not long after graduation I moved back to Tel Aviv, got married and started a family, we have three beautiful boys.

colour story : Tamar Schechner | Emma Lamb

I spent many many years working as a Fashion Stylist, Creative Director and Fashion Editor in the magazine industry. About 9 years ago we moved back to the USA to a tiny picturesque Vermont village.

Our home is full of color, I love to sew and I can spend days planning out colors for a new batch of sofa pillows... I am very inspired by art, gardens and textiles - I love vintage fabrics and anything with flowers on it, the more the better and a trip to a museum is like music to my ears, I try to visit nyc as much as I can even though I love the country life I'm still a city girl and the urban life, markets, colors and movement also keep my juices going.

colour story : Tamar Schechner | Emma Lamb

colour story : Tamar Schechner | Emma Lamb

All of this really shows up in in my work, I try to use unusual and surprising color mixes such as aqua with lilac and orange, reds with blushes and chartreuse and mismatched fabrics that create a bohemian look, the flowers in my garden are a big color inspiration too, the beaded jewelry are all inspired by my summer garden, but I also love a soft romantic palate, pinks and blushes, pale aqua and whites.

This year our youngest son went off to college and I decided that it's finally time to move my work space out of the house and the corner of the dining room and into a new studio space in town, it's so exciting to have this new inspiring space and room to move around!

colour story : Tamar Schechner | Emma Lamb
All images: Tamar Schechner for Nest Pretty Things // website - shop - blog - Facebook - Tumblr - Instagram

To see more of Tamar's new studio and gorgeous home take a peek at her blog here or be sure to check out this recent post on sfgirlbybay. And if you are like me and just can't get enough of her fabulous colour sense use the links above to explore the rest of her colourful world.

Thank you dearest Tamar for sharing your colour story today, a visit from you is always so uplifting and energising. You have absolutely made my day!

Emma, x

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