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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!


emma lamb

My wee man Spanner in his favourite spot for snoozing, spring sunshine or not! | Emma Lamb

On any given morning this is where you will find my wee man snoozing and 'sunbathing'. I include the quotes because 'sunbathing' has absolutely nothing to do with how sunny it is.

When I ask him "Would you like to sit in the sun?" he has come to understand that as "Would you like to sleep on my bed for a few hours, temporarily elevating your status in the hierarchy of our pack and giving you the right to give me a foul look when I come back later to ask if you would like to go to the toilet?" The answer is always 'yes' btw, as indicated by an all over body shake.

Yesterday he just got lucky with the spring sunshine!

My wee man Spanner, due for another haircut at the doggy barbers next week! | Emma Lamb

Next week he goes for a haircut, a perfectly timed spiffy new 'do' for the spring sunshine arriving - those ears have been trailing in too many muddy puddles lately! Then next month he will be nine years old. My little fluffy puppy will be nine years old!? In dog years that's 63!!! He's already starting to get a little greyer around the chops...

My wee man Spanner, a little greyer around the chops than he used to be! | Emma Lamb

But he's happy (especially when snoozing!) and healthy as far as we and his vet can tell - his bladder stone and pancreatitis problems from just over a year ago are under control and his new low fat diet supplemented with white fish and fresh vegetables has done his little body the world of good. Although some days he is adamant that carrot and cucumber pieces are not treats!

Emma, x

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