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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

making everyday beautiful : super brights!

emma lamb

What a weekend! I have *unboxed, checked, double checked, constructed, bolted, lifted, manoeuvred, contemplated, tweaked, manoeuvred, contemplated a little more, manoeuvred to original position* and repeated from * to * before cleaning, dusting, shuffling, contemplating, sorting, organising, contemplating, purging, rearranging, contemplating, recycling... If there wasn't so much contemplation going on I'm pretty sure I'd be finished by now! So yes there's still a truck load to do in the way of sorting, tidying, dismantling and recycling but today I am completely pooped - I have awoken a few long dormant muscles and they're so not happy this morning! So sleepy too and that early Monday morning alarm was not a welcome sound - I definitely need these super brights to get me going today!

making everyday beautiful : super brights! | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Zoë Power, 2. Nadra Ridgeway, 3. Cappello A Bombetta, 4. giorgia ghezzi, 5. IssabellaTheCat

That feels so much better! These super brights from making everyday beautiful are the visual equivalent of a splash of cold water in the face and eating a whole bar of choccy-yummyness in one go!

Happy Monday my friends!
Emma, x

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