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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

making everyday beautiful : radiant orchid

emma lamb

Hello and happy Monday my lovelies! Before I talk about today's picks from 'making everyday beautiful' I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for all your kind words of support, encouragement and enthusiasm for my new Pinterest project. I am so excited about this and am utterly thrilled that you guys are too. Yay!

So yes. Radiant orchid, Pantone's colour of 2014. Um...

I shall confess that I was a little less than enthused when this was announced. Disappointed in fact! This is not a colour I've ever been very fond of. This whole range of purples makes me think of all those stereotypical girly toys, you just need to do a wee image search for 'girls toys' and you'll see what I'm talking about. In my crochet work I've been known to use a wee bit of violet and grape but I find those more magenta tones a wee bit tricky. Looking around my studio right now I'm struggling to see a hint of anything that could be described as 'radiant orchid'. I know I have my Fi Bench in the living room which has some of those bright magenta pinks splashed all over it, but because they're mixed in with all those other gorgeous colours and in such a fabulous print they look far more grown up.

making everyday beautiful : radiant orchid | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Steffen Tuck, 2. Yulchonok, 3. fox and fern, 4. heartbreak homestead, 5. erica hogenbirk

I think a more grown up approach is definitely the key to making radiant orchid work, finding ways to make it look a little more sophisticated. That and using it as a jumping off point for finding ways to celebrate a whole range of beautiful purple tones. See Pantone's Pinterest board and Holly Becker's 'How To Decorate With Radiant Orchid' over on decor8 for a whole bunch of gorgeous ideas. Both of these definitely got me thinking a little differently about purples in general and are starting to override my first thoughts of all that girly crap. So with a new found purple appreciation I set about searching through 'making everyday beautiful' to see how you are approaching this colour. It was a little tricky and I had to dig deep (which makes me wonder if you guys are struggling with this colour too?) but I did find this really stunning collection of images! Keeping the radiant orchid tones to a minimum and mixing them with a range of violet purples, a touch of grey and aqua then a snippet of black for contrast makes for a really interesting combination. I especially Love Steffen Tuck's abstract image because the colour is so fresh and vibrant yet really pretty!

You can see a few other purple themed 'making everyday beautiful' collections here, here and here and I would love to know your thoughts on 'radiant orchid' in the comments...

Emma, x

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