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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

colour stories : Caroline Rowland

emma lamb

Hello and happy Wednesday my blog buddies! Can you believe we're almost at the end of February already!? Although the days are beginning to stretch out again it is still very grey and miserable in these parts which is just one of the reasons why I am so happy for today's gorgeous colour story from the fabulous Caroline Rowland! When I invited Caroline to share her colour story I had an inkling of what she would talk about and did expect some pretty pinks, but I wasn't quite expecting the full on pink feast for the eyes that follows! Let me hand you over to the lovely lady herself to tell you more...

colour stories : Caroline Rowland | Emma Lamb

Hi all! I’m Caroline, the founder and editor of online publication 91 Magazine and I also blog at Patchwork Harmony, both which feature interiors, crafts and vintage. My background is in photography, and before I went freelance last year I worked on a weekend newspaper supplement as a photo editor. I studied photography at university, but I found that it wasn’t so much the taking of the photos I loved, but the editing and putting them together in a pleasing way that appealed to me. Hence taking the route of an editor – and I have learnt over the years that the use of colour is one of the most important elements when editing pictures or designing the pages of a publication. It’s colour that ties things together – whether it be picking out a shade in an image for the text or grouping images together of similar or contrasting colour palettes – even if it’s just putting an outfit together, it’s the colours that must compliment each other.

colour stories : Caroline Rowland | Emma Lamb

As for me and my personal colour favourites, pastel shades are definitely up there, and I’ve just bought a pastel green Smeg fridge for my new kitchen which I am so excited about! I’ve never thought of myself as a particularly girly girl, but actually it’s become clear to me recently that when it comes to colour I am! I do seem to have a lot of pink in my life! When I was planning our wedding last year, I didn’t have a strict colour scheme, but knew I wanted coral pink peonies for my bouquet, so loosely based things around that. When everything came together on the day it was a little bit of pink explosion! In a good way I hope! But it proved to me that perhaps pink is a colour I am naturally drawn to, whether I like it or not!

colour stories : Caroline Rowland | Emma Lamb

Our home certainly isn’t filled with pink and is actually quite neutral, with white walls and more muted colours like grey, pale blue and green, but with the odd hint of brighter colour here and there with small accessories or flowers. When it comes to interiors I think I am slightly more drawn to Scandinavian style and industrial, rustic looks. Sometimes I wish I could be bolder when it comes to colour in my home, and just imagine living in this bright pink house I snapped during a trip to Whitstable! Fabulous!!

colour stories : Caroline Rowland | Emma Lamb
All images: Caroline Rowland / with the exception of the one noted as Kasia Fiszer

OMG, I love it! Girly pinks galore and how amazing are all those peonies, especially in Caroline's wedding bouquet!? In honour of her fabulous pink colour story I have donned a shocking pink cardigan and bright red scarf today and have picked out my best pink biro for today's notes. It's good to let the inner girly girl out every once in a while!

Emma, x

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