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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

winter on the beach

emma lamb

winter on the beach | Emma Lamb

I took these pics on a beach walk this weekend and this week I am finding myself coming back to them again and again. I've edited these a wee bit because I wanted to maximise the drama of the sunlight in the clouds and shadows on the sand. The film effect is a lovely little overlay I found at Picmonkey, I like how it helps focus you in on the details of the horizon and my welly prints. I love the sense of nostalgia it creates too, whenever I'm not at the beach I always feel nostalgic for it.

As part of Creative Courageous Year, we're being encouraged to really notice the seasonal colour around us. On today's dog walk I took so many pictures, but have yet to sort through them so I thought I would focus on these two beachy shots for today.

January can often feel like such a bleak time of year in terms of colour, especially when December is so rich and vibrant, but if there's one place I can appreciate and celebrate the bleakness it's at the beach. The simplicity of the sky, sand and sea combined with the winter light is the perfect canvas for showing off all those lovely 'bleak' non-colours at their best. You can see virtually every shade of grey imaginable at the beach on a winter's day. It's kind of cleansing in a way, like a visual detox for my colour hungry mind!

winter on the beach | Emma Lamb

Over the coming days I'll be sorting through the pics I took today looking for a little more colour than this and am hoping there will be one or two interesting winter wonders to share. Until then please do share your thoughts on January colour in the comments, I am sure it varies wildly around the world and I would love to know what it is like where you are!? Also, registration is still open for Creative Courageous Year if you would like to join in and explore your creativity alongside a very lovely group of people.

Emma, x

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