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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

studio details : diffusing the light

emma lamb

studio details : diffusing the light | Emma Lamb

It's been a busy day photographing in my studio today, the winter light has been lovely in here. Sunny but not too harsh. That lovely winter sun that seems to bathe everything in clean light, you know? Even though the light was so gentle I still needed to diffuse it a wee bit and to do that I used my old faithful embroidered tablecloth.

It's perfect because it's such a bright white colour. I've found it in a charity shop so many years ago now, and before that I think it must have served time in a home that held many a dinner party, or possibly a restaurant or hotel around Edinburgh? I don't know, but whatever it's story it has been well used and washed so many times, probably boil washed since the cutwork stitching has become so brittle and fragile. I have to be very careful handling it these days as it will tear so easily. It spends most of it's time hiding a suitcase that sits by my desk, but every now and then it is called to action to help me with my work. I adore how the light highlights it's embroidery and cutwork, it completely reverses how it would usually look. The white stitching becomes dark and shadowy while the cutwork blazes a little trail of light across the fabric. So pretty.

studio details : diffusing the light | Emma Lamb
studio details : diffusing the light | Emma Lamb

You can see a much larger version with more detail if you click on each image, worth a peek for the corner detail especially.

Emma, x

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