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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

January crochet

emma lamb

January crochet | Emma Lamb

As part of my grand plan to get back to the roots of why I enjoy creating and doing more to nurture my creativity I'm plan to do more stuff just for fun. To simply enjoy my craft and create without limitation. Limitations such as those nagging questions that pop into your head when you're in the middle of your creative flow and throw doubt over all your ideas. You know - Will this be a viable product? Will someone want to buy it? Will I make any profit on it? Blah, blah, blah. Well right now I'll be ignoring all those and reminding myself that I'm making simply because I enjoy making.

January crochet | Emma Lamb

I remember when I first started blogging (over five years ago, eep!) it was to do the very same thing I'm doing now, to reconnect with my creativity. Back then I was laying the foundations for a new creative path, the path I'm walking today, but I didn't know it then. For all I know I could be doing the very same thing right now, but at the moment I don't want to think about that. At the moment I'm just remembering how much fun I used to have creating and and taking pretty pics of my makes for my blog. It was a pure and simple process that really worked for me so I'm using it again.

The first make on my hook for 2014 is this lovely pillow from the Woman's Weekly Vintage Patterns magazine, a 'best of' collection of reworked patterns from their archives. This crochet pillow design was originally released in 1974 but has been reworked and restyled for 2014. Isn't it pretty? I love seeing vintage crochet patterns and ideas rejuvenated with updates like this, they have such a timeless beauty that deserves to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Woman's Weekly, Best of our... Vintage Patterns and Knitting & Crochet | Emma Lamb

For 2014 Woman's Weekly have launched their new Knitting magazine and the first issue has a whole bunch of cute heart themed makes as well as some lovely rustic knits. You can see a wee bit more about it here and the digital version is available on Google Play if you can't find a copy locally. There are a bunch of things I'd like to try from each of these magazines once I've finished my bobbly pillow, that is if I decide to keep it a bobbly pillow because at the moment I'm thinking it would make a pretty amazing potholder too! What do you think?

pillow or potholder? | Emma Lamb

Emma, x

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