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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

colour stories : Ayda Algin, cafe noHut

emma lamb

Hello my lovelies! Today I am thrilled to be able to share the first colour story of 2014 and am so excited that it is from the super lovely Ayda Algin, who you may all know better as cafe noHut. As you know I am a huge, huge fan of all that Ayda does, she is a regular contributor to making everyday beautiful and I have featured her images in my Monday posts many times. Ayda has such a great eye for gorgeous colour and pretty details so I am feeling just a teeny bit giddy about her story! Let me hand you over to the lovely lady herself to tell you in her own words...

colour stories : Ayda Algin, cafe noHut | Emma Lamb

Hello everyone! First of all I would like to thank Dear Emma for this great invitation and opportunity. It is a great pleasure to be here. I’m so honored.

Let's talk about me and my color story.

I have been working full time as an environmental engineer for a long time but have always been interested with interior decoration, craft, homemade food and art. In 2011, I decided to have a blog which I called “cafenoHut” and started to share my inspirations, crafts, memories, baking adventures, interior ideas and designs. During this time, my style has changed and evolved with each passing day.

I live in Istanbul and I've always been influenced by Mediterranean culture, the rich colours and natural wood textures – At the same time Mediterranean colours echo those of the sea and sky, lavender and pastel tones and I prefer to see pastel colours in my home and my crafts. Also nowadays I am inspired by Northern European, particularly Scandinavian style, white and simplistic.

colour stories : Ayda Algin, cafe noHut | Emma Lamb

I really enjoy playing with papers or fabrics to make something interesting, joyful and colourful! A few years ago I started to sew some things, it was a great opportunity for me to play with colors and patterns. By this means I have been more interested in how colours work together.

I really adore pastel colors and I love seeing them together with bright colors. Colours are rarely used in isolation so it’s the combination of colours that often give the overall mood and colorful inspirations are everywhere. We need to look around more carefully and feel them. For instance I'm always inspired by flowers, their pastel and bright colors make me happy and the impact of this is reflected in my work. Pastel tones remind me of innocence and children, so love to produce some things for them.

colour stories : Ayda Algin, cafe noHut | Emma Lamb
colour stories : Ayda Algin, cafe noHut | Emma Lamb

When I start a new project, sew some things or a decoration for my home, I always create my inspiration board first. I huddle together some objects which make me happy, energetic and peaceful - fabrics, ribbons, postcards, magazine pages, something old and new. Also I love Pinterest so much, it gives me a great opportunity to create a color story board. It's an incredible source of inspiration, like a bottomless pit!

I share my sewn things in my new ETSY shop called "deconohut". When I find a little time in weekends or evenings after work, I enjoy working on them and I usually lose myself in them, it’s a very relaxing and peaceful time. I prefer to work with colors which make me relaxed and happy in the short time I have to spend on them. This is a treat to myself :)

colour stories : Ayda Algin, cafe noHut | Emma Lamb
All images: Ayda Algin for cafe noHut & deconoHut // blog - Etsy - Instagram - Pinterest - Facebook

I am sure Ayda won't mind me telling you that she sent over thirty images for her colour story, utterly gorgeous images I might add! But what's more mind boggling is that she took over 300! I love it, I love that I have a kindred spirit when it comes to photography and that we're both completely snap happy with out cameras! I take it as a sign that when we are passionate about our subject we want to immortalise every single fleeting detail and capture colour in every variation. It's definitely an obsession but so worthwhile, especially in Ayda's case when she captures such pure pretty every time!

To see more 'pure pretty' from Ayda follow the links above and stop by her cafe noHut to congratulate her on it's 3rd birthday and the opening of her brand new Etsy shop deconoHut.

Emma, x

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