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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

making everyday beautiful : Christmas is coming

emma lamb

making everyday beautiful : Christmas is coming | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. athenastudio, 2. giochi di carta, 3. IDA Interior Lifestyle, 4. lavanta bahcesi, 5. nessastardom

Hello my dears and happy Monday to you all!

We're on the last leg, the last week before the holidays are here. Yep, Christmas is coming! After the last few months of madness I am so ready for it I can tell you! Not that I'm quite ready for it in other ways though as there is still a bunch of things to sort out - a huge pile of washing that has accumulated recently is taking up today's entire to do list, a wee bit more floor painting still needs to be done, there are still the presents to organise and I haven't even thought about sending cards yet! But despite the list of things not yet done there is a sense of relief coursing through my mind and body right now. This weekend we got to move back into our bedroom again... whoop, whoop! No more sleeping in the living room with the hum of traffic lulling us to sleep or being rudely awoken by late night early morning revellers passing by. You know that feeling of sleeping in your own bed again after travelling for a while? The sense of relief, comfort and security? It kinda feels like that. The chaos and stress are subsiding while the familiar regains control again. I like familiar. It feels especially good just now and with all my fingers and toes crossed I hoping it will last a wee while, through the holiday break at the very least!

Tomorrow I might even have time to think about the festive decorating and fish out our little plastic tree from the back of it's cupboard! I did do a wee bit of festive thinking over the weekend and ordered some of these gorgeous paper snowflakes in grey and white. Aren't they fabulous!? I can't wait for them to arrive! A couple of weeks ago I started crocheting a few tiny gold stars which will make a gorgeous garland to contrast with these snowflakes, I'll show you later. Can you tell I'm still on my neutrals kick at the moment!? I'm not sure how long it will last because I've just remembered the multi-coloured, mini glass baubles I picked up last year! We'll see...

Anyhow, I am rambling on and haven't even mentioned today's festive inspired favourites from 'making everyday beautiful'! Thank you to the wonderful Ilaria for the inspiration! Aren't these blues so pretty!? Between the grey clouds and hail stone showers the skies over Edinburgh have been this colour today. Right now as the sun is setting there's barely a cloud in the sky which is fading to the prettiest pale aqua. The softest tone that you only really see in the winter... beautiful!

Emma, x

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