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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

Hoop-La! winner...

emma lamb

Oh you guys have been so patient haven't you!? So one week turned into almost a month, but if you look at it this way someone is in for an early Christmas present... oops! I went and said the 'C' word didn't I!?

Hoop-La! by Kirsty Neale, blog tour & giveaway at | Emma Lamb

Thank you so much for all your comments on my Hoop-La! review post, is has been absolutely fascinating for both Kirsty and me to read through all your thoughts. It looks like it was a landslide in favour of real books versus ebooks, mostly because of that unmistakable smell of a newly printed book. I'm totally with you on that one! Even as digital formats gain popularity it seems that our emotional attachment to a tangible object isn't going anywhere soon!

I have to say that I completely wimped out of trying to pick a winner and handed the responsibility over to Kirsty who, thankfully, was only too happy to oblige! So let's have a drumroll please, and the winner is... 'Els' ...who wrote...

I'm definately one for real books and have been known to print pages from ebooks so I can have something tangible in my hands! Especially crafty books. And I like to write in books. Little comments about how a pattern worked for me for example. Yep. Give me a paper book anyday over an ebook :)

And Kirsty's reason for picking Els as our winner... 'I just really liked the contrariness of someone who buys an e-book, then prints out the pages!'

Huge congratulations to Els! I shall be in touch shortly and we can arrange for your fabulous new 'Dress-Up Doll' hoop to find it's way to you. Yay!

Emma, x

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