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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

colour stories : Marna Lunt

emma lamb

Hello my lovelies, I am beyond thrilled and excited to be able to share today's 'colour story' with you! It's from the fabulous textile artist Marna Lunt, one of my sweetest online buddies and an absolute force of creative energy! I absolutely adore her work and I am sure you will too. If you don't already know this incredible lady then you really need to so let me stop waffling and hand you over to lovely Marna herself...

colour stories : Marna Lunt | Emma Lamb

"Hello!! I’m Marna and I started a little ‘thing’ a few years ago on Facebook called Little a Designs where I sewed and made hand stitched things to battle my post natal depression. Things have moved on a lot from then and I have come full circle back to my fine art roots and rejoined my artistic path. Oh and I met joyful, inspirational people like Emma that help me with their glorious pictures along the way which is highly recommended I must say.

This path of mine is dominated by colour at every turn. I am obsessive and addicted and totally dominated by the world of colour. I love & embrace that it effects me this way.

So blimey this colour story mission has been a tricky one, to chose one element or story about colour, it’s got my cogs and turning and cobwebs cleared, it’s made my brain hurt and yet tingle with excitement. Only colour can truly awaken these senses, challenge them, and exhaust them in this way. Because colour is everything, it effects us in so many ways and controls us. It can take you through every emotion. It is why the world is beautiful and why I wake up and want to jump and sing or stay snuggled up under the duvet.

colour stories : Marna Lunt | Emma Lamb

So sticking my neck out for one colour was too much for me, what a chicken eh, I’m clearly a colour fair weather friend. So I thought a small combination of colours which evoke my happiest memories and bring me peace joy and warmth would be the way to go. That ok? I hope so coz it’s happening baby.

I am an textile artist who grew up in the North East of England in the national park of the North Yorkshire Moors, hidden away in a house surrounded by a depth of heather and peat, peaks and valleys. The colour of the rolling moorland around me had a profound impact on me, my personality, my creativity and my soul. Ultimately those earthy warm tones were my womb and are my inspiration for everything I do. Being away from them for too long physically hurts. Yes a drama queen I hear you say, you could be right.

What my waffle is trying to get at is that I like the combination of deep plums, hot pinks, orange, madder brown with hints of pale blue, olive green and acidic yellow. Essentially thought of as autumnal colours, here on my moors they are there all year round, they make an isolated and barren landscape feel welcoming and cosy. They make my heart happy.

colour stories : Marna Lunt | Emma Lamb

In my work I use fabric and hand embroidery to breath life into local scenes and monuments that mean a lot too me. Colour and texture are my main concerns and using a needle and thread makes me bond with the artwork and connects me to it to give it a part of my soul and breath life into it. My main subject is the Moorland I love so dearly. The colours I hope draw you into my work, make you want to be apart of it and touch it, they are chosen not because I am sat looking at the landscape but because I am transmitting that feeling that moves me when I am there. The power of colour and its effect on your emotions is the draw and I find the subject fascinating, I studied it doing my fine art degree and it follows me whatever I do.

Now given this slightly extreme pull of colour can you image the adventure of decorating a new room in my house. My husband weeps at the thought (another drama queen) but the colour HAS to be right. Even if it is a tiny shade wrong it must be repainted, I mentioned I was obsessive right?"

colour stories : Marna Lunt | Emma Lamb
All images: Marna Lunt // website - blog - facebook

It's totally infectious isn't it!? Marna's energy and passion for colour and creating! Who else is feeling the need to grab some yarn, thread or fabric and just start making? I am in constant awe of every piece of textile art she creates, her passion is evident in each and every last hand stitched detail. Yes, hand stitched! Marna is entirely dedicated to her craft and her work is all the more beautiful for it!

This week Marna is exhibiting at the Country Living Fair in Harrogate, stand M80. If you are nearby or have already planned a wee trip please do pop by to say 'hello'. If you can't make it and want to find out more about Marna and her beautiful work you can visit her website of Facebook page for her latest updates.

Emma, x

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