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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

making everyday beautiful : rustic autumn

emma lamb

making everyday beautiful : rustic autumn
Image credits: 1. namolio, 2. acrockandasoftplace, 3. Sweetnellie, 4. NWY69, 5. sonja-ksu, 6. itchinstitchin

The autumn rains are in full swing here in Edinburgh at the moment. There's that blanket of grey over head and it has dropped to two pairs of socks kind of temperatures, at least for me and my notoriously chilly toes! Almost time for indoor scarves too, anything to keep the winter bugs away. Thankfully this grotty cold/flu bug I've had for the last week seems to be finally on it's way out. It's been a doozie and if I ever have anything like this again it will be way too soon!

Anyhow, on days like this when the grey is relentless there's nothing for it but to get cosy indoors with lots of crafty projects and maybe whip up one or two tasty treats (today's inspiration for my 'making everyday beautiful' picks). Or in my case, raid the biscuit tin that was freshly filled with some of my favourite handmade biscuits from one of our weekend visitors. I used to be all about their shortbread but right now I've got a sweet tooth for the handmade ginger snaps with a hot cup of tea. Delicious!

Emma, x

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