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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

good reads : Hoop-La! blog tour + a giveaway

emma lamb

Hoop-La! by Kirsty Neale, 100 things to do with embroidery hoops | Emma Lamb

Hello my dears, I have another lovely creative book to share with you today, it's Hoop-La! by the wonderful Kirsty Neale, whom you may already know through her lovely blog Ginger & George? So yes, this book delivers exactly what it says on the cover - "100 things to do with embroidery hoops" - but not just any old 100 things, 100 super cute crafty things!

Take a peek at the promo video, for me it totally sums up the cuteness of this book...

As you can see Hoop-La! is choc full of great ideas, these just being the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and it covers a good range of crafty techniques. The bulk of which is fabric, embroidery and applique based as you might expect but it also includes things like crochet, cross stitch, stencilling, cyanotype fabric printing, 3d softie making and even tells you how to turn a hoop into to your very own mini printing screen!
The book is divided into four key sections - First up is a wee intro to hoop treatments which suggests a few fun ways to decorate your plain wooden hoops as well as tips on how best to fix different fabrics securely into your hoops. Next is 'The Projects' with it's wealth of cute ideas and designs. Some of my favourites include 'Dear Diorama', 'Joined at the Hip', 'Oh, Dear', 'Him and Her' and 'Man-broidery' (see below). After the projects is a wee section explaining a few embroidery, crochet and patchwork techniques that are used in the book. Lastly there is the templates sections which also does what is says and gives you all the applique, embroidery and cross stitch templates you'll need for the projects right there in black and white.
With the exception of a couple of projects (such as the 'Mix Tape Screenprints' which includes some visual explanation) this book isn't a step by step how to with lengthy descriptions and photo tutorials. Instead it gives concise and clear written instructions for each project, which is all you will need as many of the designs are very straightforward if you apply your common sense and crafty know how. This is in no way a bad thing about this lovely wee book as the value of it is the wealth of cute ideas and adorable inspiration you will be able to glean from it! If you've never created a piece of 'hoop art' before Hoop-La! will give you all the info you need to get started and then you can use it as an inspirational jumping off point to do your own thing and go completely hoopy!

Hoop-La! by Kirsty Neale, 100 things to do with embroidery hoops | Emma Lamb

Hoop-La! is available as both a paperback and ebook (you can find both in my Amazon shop). I have to honest and say that I much prefer the hard copy as ebooks, especially crafty ebooks leave me a little cold. They lack a certain something for me. When Kirsty first got in touch to tell me about Hoop-La! I remember talking to her about how much I love that so many great crafty bloggers are getting to publish their own books right now. With most of their work and connections with people being in the virtual world it is wonderful to have something more tangible like a book to be able to share with others, and who doesn't love that new book smell!? Also, I think having a tangible object such as a book is such a beautiful way to commemorate someones work, almost like a wee creative time capsule don't you think?

Hoop-La! by Kirsty Neale, blog tour giveaway at | Emma Lamb

Now onto the really fun bit, the giveaway! Kirsty is generously giving away a whole bunch of hoops from Hoop-La!, how great is that!? I asked if I could giveaway another of my favourite projects from the book, the 'Dress up Doll'. I think this is such a cute design and has so much potential for any little ones in your life. You could work with your son or daughter to make the hoop and then let them explore their creativity by creating their own wee outfits. You know I'm so tempted by this idea myself but I'm not sure how into it Spanner would be ;) Haha! Anyhow, if you would love to win this hoop for you and your little one I want you to leave a wee comment on this post telling me what you prefer - ebooks or real books? Simple!

This giveaway is open to everyone around the world but you must leave a way for me to contact you directly (Facebook, email and your own blog are great ways to do this). I'll aim to pick a winner this time next week so you have plenty of time to ponder your thoughts on which is better - ebooks or real books!?

Oh, and for the full list of stops in this blog tour and to find out which other hoops from the book are available to win hop on over to Stitch Craft Create.

Emma, x

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