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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

good reads : UK Handmade magazine, Autumn 2013

emma lamb

good reads : UK Handmade magazine, Autumn 2013 | Emma Lamb

Everything feels all higgledy-piggledy in my new crochet corner today! While I am having too much fun crocheting a pile of wee snowflakes, outside the sun is blazing across the hazy blue skies over Edinburgh and I've just taken a wee break from my crochet to flip through the autumn edition of UK Handmade magazine. Yep, it's one of those rare summery-autumnal-wintry kind of days, total seasonal confusion!

For the moment though let's focus on autumn and this fab issue of UK Handmade, have you had chance to flip though it's pages yet? It's a good one so if you haven't yet it's definitely worth a peek. As ever it's brimming with great features, insightful articles and handmade finds from the British creative community. There are way too many to list here, however some of my favourites are the business related articles that are choc full of great advice and ideas. On page twelve there is a great article about the FIG Co-operative in Bristol, a group of talented designer makers who have banded together to open a thriving bricks and mortar shop to showcase their creative process and sell their handmade wares. It's a very inspiring and encouraging story! Also 'The Tipping Point' on page sixty four and 'The Value of Handmade' on page seventy eight are worth brewing a cuppa for.

Alongside lots of yummy looking recipes (I really want to try this almond and pear tart as well as the courgette pickle, I do love courgettes!) there are a couple of great book reviews too. The Belle & Boo Book of Craft for children is reviewed on page fifty and later on there's another review of Craftydermy (if you missed my review a few weeks ago you can read it here). Oh and last but not least there's a really sweet leafy crown tutorial from Larissa Joice on page fifty four.

Did I not say it was brimming!? Definitely worth bookmarking for a few tea breaks over the coming weeks and do let me know which were are favourite articles.


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