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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

colour palette : coastal jewels

emma lamb

Happy Friday everyone! How are you all? I know for many of you this was the first week back to your usual routine after the long summer holidays. Did you survive or are you ready for another break!? It's been six weeks since my summer break, feels like so long ago now! And I'm definitely ready for a few days of downtime, so things might be a wee bit quieter around here than usual next week but I do have one or two lovely things lined up to share with you all. Anyhow before any of that I have these entirely self indulgent colour palettes to share, aren't these gorgeous!?

colour palette : coastal jewels // Vintage Rainbow Collection of small sea glass gems by 6d Designs on Etsy // all images Endlesshue for 6d Designs, palette curated by Emma Lamb

Of course you know how much I love my beach treasures, not only are they such an endless source of inspiration but it is the hunt that I love too. The wonderfully mind freeing process of scanning over the pebbled beach to find them while breathing in lung-fulls of fresh sea air and listening to the waves gently crashing on the sand. It's an entirely meditative experience.

These stunning coastal jewels are from 6d Designs, my Mam & Dad's sea glass supply shop, and every single piece was found on the beaches in the North East coast of England. The variety and vibrancy of the colours is just astonishing, especially when you consider that these pieces are over 100 years old! Glass manufacture was a huge business along this coastline in the early 1900s and the less 'touristy' beaches were used as dumping grounds for waste. So at the end of every working day all the waste and unused glass, colour tests and flawed pieces were dropped over the cliffs onto the beach for the sea to claim. Over the last 100 years the tide has naturally tumbled these lumps of waste and turned them into these fabulous jewels! Isn't that just amazing!?

colour palette : coastal jewels // all images Endlesshue for 6d Designs, palette curated by Emma Lamb
All images: Endlesshue for 6d Designs

As well as the Vintage Rainbow Collection pictures first I am completely smitten with these teal tinged grey glass pieces. Such a beautiful colour that looks great next to those rich orange tones and the more familiar sea greens and aqua blues. Not to mention that intense pop of cobalt, one of the rarer colours to find. Both of these vintage inspired palettes are perfect for the upcoming autumn and already I can feel myself honing in on small sections of each of them, this one in particular!

Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the multis! If you love these solid coloured glass pieces I know you will be head over heels for the multis! Stunning wee pieces of glass with bands and layers of secret colour, every way you turn them they look completely different and every single one is entirely unique. Take a peek at this pretty pastel collection for a closer look.

Emma, x

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