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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

colour palette : broken Berggren

emma lamb

colour palette : broken Berggren | Emma Lamb

There's that saying that when life hands you lemons you should make lemonade, but sometimes you get a bitter taste of lemon peel in your mouth and it can take a while to shift it! That's kinda how I felt when I noticed the hairline cracks in my lovely Berggren rooster tile. He was mounted in a gorgeous octagonal wood frame and spent most of it's life living in my kitchen looking fabulously vintage, occasionally a resting place for my teapot and the odd warm pan. Big mistake! As it turns out this lovely rooster wasn't up to such tasks and just couldn't handle the responsibility. Poor thing. So yes, when I notice the hairline cracks and realised that this little fella was completely shattered I was gutted - I love this little rooster!

Anyhow, that was months ago now and the bitter taste of those lemons has gone. As you can see I have freed him from his shabby wood frame, which is in line for a glossy white makeover, and have at last found a way to make my lemonade. My little rooster is doing a mighty fine job as today's colour palette inspiration! I've always loved that European folk vibe of Berggren designs and their bold colour combinations - strong primary and secondary colours with black outlines. This rooster weather vane has always been my favourite since the black outlines aren't so dominant in this design, just enough to define that signature folk style. Doesn't he look fabulous combined with one of Brie Harrison's florals!? Perfectly cheery and happy despite his misfortune.

broken Berggren | Emma Lamb

I haven't yet given up on my little rooster as now that I've gotten over his misfortune I can see potential in his broken pieces. Once his wee frame has had it's makeover I shall attempt to re-set him in his home and find a quiet space on my wall for him to live out the rest of his days looking eternally cheerful :)

Happy Friday everyone!
Emma, x

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