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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

shoptalk : retro kitchen colours

emma lamb

At last I can show you some of the custom pieces I've been working on recently, a fabulous collection of 'retro kitchen' themed pot holders and Forever Flower Garlands. The brief started with the colours of the vintage buttons I used to fasten my tiny squares, Agnes cushion cover from last year. Bright red, sky blue, jade green and bubblegum pink with lashings of cream - a very pretty 1940/50s vibe...

Recent custom work, a fabulous retro kitchen collection of pot holders and Forever Flower Garlands. | Emma Lamb

My wonderful client gave me the freedom to work with this idea to make a wee collection that is both fresh and pretty but with that all important retro vibe. It was easy in a way as this colour palette does most of the work itself. Red, cream and blue are a classic vintage combination and when you get them in the right proportions they make magic together!

It was so excited about crocheting these pot holders because I knew they would look amazing, although the whole time I was kicking myself for not thinking of creating pot holders with these colours myself! They turned out just as I imagined and I love them so much. It was hard to part with them in the end but as soon as I did I started work on some similar ideas for myself, at last I have made a start on my own wee pot holder wall. Yippee!

For the two matching garlands my client requested I knew I wanted to do something a wee bit different to my regular Forever Flower Garlands. I wanted to mix up the colours a wee bit more than usual so I revisited my Festive Flower Garland design from last Christmas. I added a snippet of pale gold to the colour mix and some of those fabulous vintage buttons I love so much and... *eeep* ...two Retro Fabulous Flower Garlands were born!

Recent custom work, a fabulous retro kitchen collection of pot holders and Forever Flower Garlands. | Emma Lamb

Aren't they gorgeous!? This is why custom projects are so much fun to work on, the results are always amazing and I always feel so inspired by them. They are such a great way for me to see my work through another person's eyes and get a fresh perspective on my ideas. It's also a really great way to teach yourself to be flexible and step outside your bubble of creativity, which is great as there are some beautiful things out there just waiting to be discovered!

Currently I'm working on some new ideas that I've been itching to get my hooks into, however I am taking custom order bookings for September onwards. Just drop me a note to chat about your ideas.


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