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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

colour stories : Rachel Hauser

emma lamb

Yay! It's the last Wednesday of the month so that means I've invited a wonderful new guest to share their 'colour story'. This month I am so pleased to welcome my super lovely blogging buddy Rachel Hauser of Stitched In Color! Her story is just so colourful and beautiful and inspiring, I love it! Let me hand you over to lovely Rachel herself to tell you in her own words...

colour stories : Rachel Hauser | Emma Lamb

"When I was a little girl my sister and I shared a bedroom. As the story goes, her favorite color was pink and mine was purple. But amidst our color-coded belongings I found myself increasingly disloyal to that royal hue. Now that I'm all grown up I know the truth - I have no favorite color. I love them all, deeply, joyfully, recklessly.

Since sewing charmed me a few years back, I've been coming into my own color story. Unlike paints or crayons, fabric is a medium I can manage. I share my quilts and other sewn things at Stitched In Color, a little bloggy business I run out of my home, while homeschooling two little ones. Mostly I'm a quilter. Each patchwork is a new opportunity to explore fresh combinations of color and pattern!

colour stories : Rachel Hauser | Emma Lamb

But I'll admit, I'm still horribly disloyal. I love bright, wild color schemes; dreamy pastel prettiness; earthy neutrals with understated tones; simple monochromatic designs; riots of clashy brightness; color, color, color in all its forms.

colour stories : Rachel Hauser | Emma Lamb

Just lately though, I've been on a decorating kick, stitching things for my home. Quite without trying I seem to have landed on a color story of my very own, because somehow these things match. Now when I look about I see the usual warm brown and black wood tones that have always been in our home, plus flashes of saturated color, spiced with black. This, apparently, is “me”.

colour stories : Rachel Hauser | Emma Lamb

I see Magenta – not purple. Aqua – not sky blue. Salmon pink, golden yellow, rich crimson red, teal, lime, pea soup and olive green. To me these colors read: joy, abundance, freedom, life. When I create without holding back, I fill up on color and my heart sings!

To all those scared of combining colors, my advice is to run, Run, RUN, not creep along with your ideas. The truth is the colors just want to play. And most all of them play together quite nicely! Smile, believe, be brave. Love your colors fearlessly, and they will dance for you before long."

colour stories : Rachel Hauser | Emma Lamb
All images: Rachel Hauser for Stitched In Color // blog - shop - Penny Sampler workshop (not too late to join us!)

Gorgeous, right!? I love that Rachel has no fear when it comes to using colour, she has discovered her own style and is always true to it when creating beautiful quilted pieces for herself. By always choosing fabrics, colours and prints that she loves and diving head long into new projects without hesitation her results are effortlessly beautiful. They work every time and have her unique sense of style stamped all over them! I am feeling especially inspired by Rachel's love of rich dark grey and snippets of black and am admiring how she makes them work so harmoniously with her love of gorgeous bright tones.

Thank you dearest Rachel for sharing your inspiring and energising 'colour story' with us today, you are a star!

Emma, x

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