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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

colour stories : Sonia Cantie

emma lamb

Oh I am so, so happy to be able to have lovely Sonia and her beautiful work on my blog again and this time in a wee guest post. Yay! I am completely in love with her colour story and all these gorgeous shades of pink, let me hand you over to Sonia to tell you more...

colour stories : Sonia Cantie | Emma Lamb

"For like most every little girl, the color pink was part of my childhood, right from the start. From clothes to dolls and toys, through bedroom, it was everywhere, in variable doses, and in variable hues. Come teen age, it almost disappeared from my life, and the few times it was present, it was not in the most subtle kinds of pink.

colour stories : Sonia Cantie | Emma Lamb

When I finally got to be a young adult, it went back into my life, but for a brief moment, as I suddenly thought that all that pink was too girly, too synonymous of childhood. As I grew older, my love for nature and everything natural grew bigger and bigger, and I couldn’t help (I was not particularly right) thinking that pink color couldn’t be that natural after all. I knew there were pink wildflowers, pink creatures (pink flamingos etc), but as for textiles, I thought it couldn’t happen to be natural.

colour stories : Sonia Cantie | Emma Lamb

Then I started doing natural dyeing experiments. And I realized I was wrong. I could achieve my own pink colors with something natural! From that moment on, I was re-introduced to soft, muted, pastel and a little brighter shades of pink. And I also understood that it was all the synthetically produced pinks that I disliked. What I’m trying to achieve, months after months, years after years, is to let (natural) pinks enter in my life again.

colour stories : Sonia Cantie | Emma Lamb

Natural pinks can be so soft and muted, and also much stronger and brighter, according to the plant or plant dyes you use. Almost all shades of pink are achievable with a little bit of technique, I admit, but very few actually, and natural dyeing is SO much fun after all! I’m using pink again in my crafts and in my wardrobe and feel happy to do so! And lastly, and you’ll probably find this silly, but I have finally understood and accepted that I am not obliged to like all the shades of pinks, even the natural ones!"

colour stories : Sonia Cantie | Emma Lamb
All images: Sonia Cantie // shop - blog - facebook - twitter - instagram

Gorgeous right!? It is so inspiring to see all of these wonderful shades of natural pinks that Sonia has created in her wee dye-pots. I just want to dive into this last picture and start playing with all these beautiful materials, those yarns are just divine! Oh, and the wee lace doily... eep!

Thank you so much dearest Sonia, for sharing your wonderful creativity and your inspiring colour story. You have made my day!

Emma, x

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