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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

studio details : sunny studio days

emma lamb

studio details : sunny studio days | Emma Lamb

Are absolutely the best!

But goodness me, what a difference a couple of days makes! I took these pictures on Tuesday after a week or more of gorgeous spring sunshine here in Edinburgh... and today!? Soggy, cold and grey. Blah! Today though, it is so lovely to re-live these pictures again. Just as Miss Twiggs was talking about yesterday, in her 'Colour Story', it is good to save those snippets of optimism and inspiration to look back on when you need them. Today, I so need them!

studio details : the perfect light | Emma Lamb
studio details : packing station | Emma Lamb

You'll notice too that I have re-shuffled a few things since December (making the most of my internet free time last week). A new layout for the spring and summer months to open up that lovely long back wall I have and make the most of that perfect light. Oh, and a re-jigged packing station too since the last arrangement wasn't working quite so well as it should for me. This is much better, more space and everything I need at hand. Plus a new wee inspiration wall with a few favourite tear sheets and postcards.

Although this is only a test run really since I'm planning a wee spot of decorating in the next week or two. I've come to the decision that it's time for the Farrow & Ball creamy 'Pointing' colour to go and be replaced with a fresh, bright white. I've also got my eye on those dark chocolate brown floor boards and am thinking of a really soft dove grey instead. Once that's done it will be my desk's turn for a makeover, a long time coming I think! Although at the moment I'm not sure if I want white or a soft pastel tone. I'll see how the room is working as a whole once the walls and floorboards have been tackled.

studio details : my little old man | Emma Lamb

Of course there will always be room for my wee man! Whether it is cosy at my toes under the desk; snuggled up by the radiator on especially cold days or making the most of a shaft of sunlight as above. Do you know he'll be 8yrs old this year!? I can hardly believe it! My little old man is getting on a bit...

Emma, x

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