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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

local talent : Edinburgh Yarn Festival photos, part 2

emma lamb

Out of all the exhibitors stalls at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, I did have one or two particular favourites. Although I do I wish I could show you more of the stalls in detail but as I mentioned earlier it was very busy, with some stalls forming their own wee queues! So in the interests of fairness I tried not to get in anyone's way while I was taking pictures, but did the best I could to capture those particular favourites...

Getting to meet the Skein Queen herself at the first Edinburgh Yarn Festival! | Emma Lamb

Top of my list of course was the fabulous Debbie, aka Skein Queen! I've only known Debbie online so it was a real treat to finally get to meet her in person, not to mention all of her gorgeous yarns! Getting to see them and 'squish' them all in person, spending a long time dithering over which colours I couldn't leave without. Debbie has an amazing eye for colour and although her yarns are semi-solids (a marled colour distribution) they have such an intensity and vibrancy. I can't wait to show what I bought, maybe on Friday. We also got chatting about a few yarn related things (as you would expect) and I asked her a few questions about something I've been pondering for a while now... but that's for another day! Oh, and it was a real teat to see one or two of my garlands decorating her beautiful stall!

Old Maiden Aunt Yarns was another stall I didn't want to miss and a whole lot of other folks had the very same idea. I think it took me ten minutes to get in to see these beautiful yarns properly, Lilith's fabulous twinkly sock yarn seemed to be holding everyone up! Once I got in I had a great time rummaging through trunks full of delicious yarn (bottom left in the picture below). Her colours are equally as mesmerising as Debbie's are but to me Lilith seems to have more of an eye for beautiful vintage tones. Slightly more muted and earthy, but still very vibrant too... I wish I could have brought that whole trunk home with me!

Marvelling over the beautiful lace knit shawls and delicious colours at Old Maiden Aunt | Emma Lamb
Gorgeous colours on Lioness Arts stand! | Emma Lamb

Another stall that was crowded most of the day was Lioness Arts, Dani probably thought I was a wee bit odd since I kept stalking past her stand hoping for a photo op... sorry Dani! I did get a quick one in the end and was able to chat with Dani for a wee while, she is super lovely! Of course her yarns are utterly beautiful too; lots of very pretty rich pastel tones (a wee bit bolder than regular chalky pastel colours) mixed with berry colours and some intense greys and blues. Her Exquisite Sock yarn was by far my favourite and I shall definitely be stalking her Etsy shop for it's next update!

Last but by no means least is Susan Crawford's stall full of the most beautiful vintage samples and colours you could possibly hope for! It was so inspiring to see someone so passionate about keeping vintage designs and aesthetics alive. I picked up Vol.2 of A Stitch In Time and have already booked marked a few things I'd like to try. There are some gorgeous Fair Isle patterns too but it's a technique I haven't practised for a very, very long time. It may take a while but I would love to knit the 'Wartime Farm Sleeveless Pullover' for myself... okay, a very, very long while!

Susan Crawford VIntage at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2013 | Emma Lamb

One stall that I'm a wee bit disappointed I didn't get to photograph properly for you was The Yarn Pony, this is Mica's (one of EYF's organisers) hand dyed yarn brand, next time I promise! But I did get to chat to her for a wee while too, another super lovely lady who is incredibly passionate about her yarns.

All in all, the whole event was amazing. Much busier than the organisers expected but it definitely confirmed their suspicions that there is a huge market for this kind of event here in Scotland, so of course we're all eagerly awaiting the next one! I think I only spent around three hours there on the day, but came away totally energised and inspired by it all. It made me want to create and create and just keep on creating! It's also making me rethink a few things which in turn is helping me to generate lots of new ideas, not just for crochet makes but other avenues of creativity. It feels great!

Thank you so much Mica, Jo and Linda for your vision to create such a wonderful event here in Edinburgh and to all the wonderful volunteers who helped make it happen too. I shall see you at the next Edinburgh Yarn Festival!

Emma, x

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