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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

colour stories : Claudia Casal

emma lamb

Oh, I am so happy today to be able to bring you another fabulous 'Colour Story' from yet another wonderful creative soul. Today is the turn of the wonderful Claudia Casal, as we all affectionately know as 'Miss Twiggs' from Hello Twiggs. As you know I am a huge fan of Claudia's gorgeous photography so today is a real treat for me too! Let me hand you over to lovely Claudia herself...

colour stories : Claudia Casal | Emma Lamb

“Hello Emma Lamb’s lovely readers! I hope you’re having a great day! First of all I want to thank Emma for this invitation, as it’s such a pleasure to come here to her online home! When Emma invited me for this new feature I immediately thought about going out for a long walk in my city (Lisbon!) and focus on a colour and take a few pictures! It seemed perfect and the perfect excuse to go out for pictures. Though I’m a photographer sometimes I really miss those week days in which I would do that just for the pleasure of it, but now with all the work… weekends are all I’ve got!

colour stories : Claudia Casal | Emma Lamb

But these last few weeks, rain has been a constant here in Lisbon and I’m not used to it at all, so going out for pretty pictures was kind of postponed. But the interesting was that I wasn’t out of colour for my story here, because with all this rain and wind, I keep going back to my summer pictures and enjoy them all over again. So my colour is blue. Blue for great and deep oceans, blue for summer skies… the perfect summer mood!

colour stories : Claudia Casal | Emma Lamb

We travel every year to an island in Portugal which is known for its raw beauty and simplicity. There’s almost no phone connection and no luxuries, just nature and silence. It feels so good to stay here for a few days, enjoying what nature has to offer, enjoying the silence, enjoying your friends, the sun, the ocean… oh it’s perfect! To be even more perfect, we would be allowed to take our dog, that would be heaven on earth! But so far, that is not possible, so he gets to take a few days off of us too! So here’s my praise to summer… or at least sunny and relaxed days!”

colour stories : Claudia Casal | Emma Lamb
All images: Hello Twiggs * by Claudia Casal // website - blog - facebook - twitter

I love it! Blissful summer blues, clear skies and beautiful ocean views. Escaping from busy days to appreciate the simplicity of a warm summer's day without interruption. Thank you so much dearest Claudia, for transporting us from these dull winter days to a place of serene beauty.

Emma, x

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