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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

etsy favourites : no place like home sweet home

emma lamb

It's been a long time coming (a very, very, very long time!) but I'm hopeful that 2013 will finally be the year we can at last focus on refurbishing and redecorating the inside of our wee home. We've had at least a three year delay thanks to the outside of the building being in desperate need of repairs (it's a very long, boring and expensive story... ugh!) and in that time we've been living with wood chip wallpaper on almost every surface, bare crumbling plaster on others, rickety floorboards, dodgy plumbing, etc, etc, etc.

But this year there is light at the end of the tunnel, this year we can fix things ready for the best part... decorating! This year I don't need to fill up my Etsy shopping cart with lots of goodies only to delete them at the end of the day once I've got that shopping urge out of my system. This year I can window shop with intent. Serious intent. It feels so freeing, I'm almost giddy at the possibilities!

Etsy treasury 'no place like home sweet home' curated by Emma Lamb
First row: 1. min-jon, 2. Ashley Goldberg, 3. Julia Paul Pottery, 4. Dimple Stitch
Second row: 1. Irona, 2. Bright Wall Vintage, 3. Sweet William, 4. Mudpuppy
Third row: 1. Love, Audra Creations, 2. House of Seance, 3. CHIAOZZA, 4. Up in the Air Somewhere
Fourth row: 1. Earth Cadets, 2. Kitiya Palaskas, 3. Timo Handmade, 4. Jesús Perea

Today these are just a few of the things I'm coveting for that shiny new home I have pictured in my mind. Recently I've come to realise that one of my favourite colours around my home is gold, preferably matt gold tones like those of the vintage tins I have piled up on my studio shelves. Mix those up with vintage shades of olive and mustard, warm grey and honey wood tones with lots of creamy white and the odd pop of pink and I think I might have found my perfect palette!

Emma, x

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