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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

making everyday beautiful : stitch by stitch

emma lamb

making everyday beautiful : stitch by stitch | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. carriestrine, 2. wood & wool stool, 3. GoldWillow, 4. RosaMaría {464 La vida compartida...}, 5. BooDilly's, 6. nanaCompany

It seems everyone has found their crafting groove over at 'making everyday beautiful' with the start of the New Year. These lovely examples are just a tiny taste of my favourites this week, but I am especially smitten with Carrie Strine's Little Goose quilt piece. Her colour choices and arrangement in this quilt are just beautiful, although I must say her work never fails to inspire me!

Which is just what I need right now, a wee bit of motivational inspiration! Although I've been working on some lovely custom pieces this month I'm feeling a bit 'bleugh' about the new ideas I was tinkering with before the holidays. With the iffy start to the New Year I seem to have lost my thread, my train of thought and that fizzy excitement I had for them. I think I need to lock myself in my studio for a few hours without distraction and see if I can find my fizz again. No doubt it will be buried under a pile of yarn or magazines somewhere!?

Emma, x

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