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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

colour stories : Heather Spriggs

emma lamb

Hello! Oh, I am so thrilled about today's post as it is the first in a brand new column for 2013... yay!

I've wanted to do a guest post series for such a long time now and last autumn I began pondering the idea of 'Colour Stories' where I would invite some lovely folk from our community to talk a wee bit about what colour means to them. Of everyone I have spoken to about it they have all responded with such wonderful enthusiasm for the idea. So with so much encouragement (thank you my friends!) I am at last getting this colourful feature underway... double yay!

So yes, the first 'Colour Story' is here and it is such an honour to welcome the fabulous Heather Spriggs to tell us what white means to her and why she chose it as the main theme for the annual New Year edition of Gatherings magazine...

"Thank you Emma for the honor of starting your new series and sharing my musings on white...

Winter White Issue of Gatherings Magazine | Emma Lamb

After an overly color-saturated and stimulating holiday season, white offers my weary senses a visual respite. Just like snow, nature’s own blanket and muffler, white is a resting place and covering. It provides a fresh start. In fact, with colorful walls throughout my home, my office is the only room I painted white. These walls offer not only a calming effect, but a clean slate. White is where my ideas are born.

So, when I decided to offer an annual White Issue of Gatherings Magazine (my quarterly digital lifestyle publication), it only seemed appropriate to launch at the New Year.

Winter White Issue of Gatherings Magazine | Emma Lamb

This year, I coined the slogan for the White Issue, 'Start the New Year off White', meaning, invite white into your home, mind, heart and activities as a way to allow the creative juices to rest and recharge. This second annual White Issue of Gatherings, provides inspiration to do just that. From craft projects in white, to an office makeover, and even recipes, my hope is that this White Issue becomes a blanket of calm after a season of over stimulation.

Winter White Issue of Gatherings Magazine | Emma Lamb

White is my visual cue to inhale deeply and pause.

And you? What does white offer you?

Artist, Stylist, Editor/Creator of Gatherings Magazine
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Winter White Issue of Gatherings Magazine | Emma Lamb

Thank you so much Heather, such a lovely insight into your inspiration for the White Issue of Gatherings Magazine... and this year's issue is bigger and better than ever, a must read if you haven't already!

When it comes to white I think I am very much like Heather. It is a very calming yet refreshing. colour that always comes to mind in the New Year. A fresh start or a blank canvas. My brand new notebook for the year just waiting to be filled with all sorts of possibilities. For me it is also optimistic and full of creative potential!

Heather and I would love to know your thoughts on white too, so please do leave us a wee comment below... :)

Emma, x

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