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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

studio details : collecting rainbows

emma lamb

in my dream garden... by Emma Lamb

I've been noticing a lot of bright colours in my wee studio recently. It's entirely unintentional but I seem to be collecting rainbows. As beautiful as they are the can be a wee bit overwhelming sometimes, creating a lot of visual clutter. It's good to be able to immortalise all that pretty colour in a few pictures before a change up. With a new season and shorter days I like to pare down the colour, clear surfaces and bring the white to the foreground to make the most of the fading light. Do not fret though, I shall bottle those rainbows and save them for the spring!

a vintage rainbow... by Emma Lamb
hidden depths... by Emma Lamb
new collection, already re-homed... by Emma Lamb
eclectic bookshelf... by Emma Lamb

Oh, and my latest collection of pot holders were snapped up before they even reached my shop shelves... apart from two that I have decided to keep fro myself. I know, very naughty! I shall be working on another wee batch before the holidays and I have almost completed a new organic collection which will appear soon... :)


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