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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

colour pinning : pine beige, earthy russet & pumpkin, khaki, peach and stormy cerulean

emma lamb

I have to confess to being a pretty rubbish Pinterest addict of late... as in lately I'd rather switch my computer off and cosy up to watch a film than spend those two hours furiously pinning pretty things! I think because there is so much stuff on Pinterest now (too much uncredited stuff especially!) and so many people (including an ever increasing number of brands wanting to use it as a selling platform) it feels like it's lost it's community spirit. I know some folks have a much bigger beef with Pinterest than that, but despite it's flaws I still think it's a pretty cool mood board tool. And as with any online tool that's here to stay (Blogger, Facebook, Tumblr etc) it's how you choose to use it that really matters.

So despite not wanting to trawl it's glorious pages and boards for hours on end I'm still pinning, but only occasionally and only when I see something I totally love... which is usually when I get suckered in by the gorgeous colours of an image. Ha, no big surprise there then! To accompany my more meaningful pinning I thought it would be lovely to get back to blogging about some of my favourites instead of letting them go unappreciated. Of course there with be high level of colour co-ordinating going on as you would expect from me and since I arrange most of my pins by colour this new line of blog posts will come under the title 'colour pinning'. I hope you enjoy them too.

colour pinning : pine beige, earthy russet & pumpkin, khaki, peach and stormy cerulean | Emma Lamb

1. laundry ~ Keiko Lynn {pin} Fun wee fashion blog with some cute and often retro styled daily outfits.

2. Geraldine - merino knitting / crochet Vermont farm yarn, naturally dyed with madder root ~ Vermont Wool Farm & Studio {pin} So many delicious naturally dyed yarns in this Etsy shop, you so need to check it out.

3. Vintage Scarf Duvet Cover ~ Urban Outfitters {pin} I absolutely adore this duvet cover, but on finding it's beauty it had already been sold out. Boo! It would have gone so perfectly in my bedroom too.

4. untitled ~ rocketrictic {pin} See more gorgeous illustration by Mei Lee / rocketrictic on society6

5. Rue Magazine (June 2012 Issue). Photography by Marjon Hoogervorst. {pin} Love Rue Magazine, always packed full of gorgeous imagery!

6. Decorating Your Doorstop ~ design*sponge {pin} I adore the massive variety in pumpkins and squashes, the vast array of colours and shapes is amazing! The link will take you to a lovely wee tutorial on design*sponge.

Emma, x

ps - I know 'colour pinning' isn't the most inventive title I could have chosen, but it does what is says and says what it does. So yeah, 'colour pinning' it is... ;)
pps - This week I've been working on something really fun and exciting, something crochet related. I hope to be able to tell you all about it very soon!
ppps - I'm trying out a lovely dark grey background on my blog for a while, to see if I like it... what do you think?

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