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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

whitby : the perfect british seaside town

emma lamb

Whitby: one of the most picture perfect seaside towns in the UK, according to me at least... :) | Emma Lamb

This summer I got to do something I've not done since I was a wee girl. Never mind exotic trips to far flung places where you're guaranteed glorious sunshine and a bronze tan if you wish... Give me a day trip to Whitby for some authentic Fish 'n' Chips by the seaside and I'm a very happy girl indeed... :)

As I said it's probably been at least 25 years since my last visit here and my memories are mostly of those fabulous wee gift shops where you can buy almost any size or shape of trinket box you could imagine just so long as it encrusted with seashells! I remember the stunning ruined abbey on the cliff top, the whale bone arch and of course the delicious Fish 'n' Chips... ;)

Whitby: one of the most picture perfect seaside towns in the UK, according to me at least... :) | Emma Lamb
Gorgeous Georgian architecture in Whitby | Emma Lamb

Beyond that I was really seeing this picture perfect seaside town for the first time and learning of it's lengthy history and rich cultural heritage...
It's sailing heritage with Captain Cook learning his trade here and where many of his ships were built.
It's religious past, the first monastery was built on the site of the abbey in AD 657, and fishing heritage, whaling was big here from the middle ages which is why they have the famous whale jawbone arch.
The Romans and Victorians prized the locally mined Jet, known as Whitby Jet, for their jewellery. This gorgeous black stone is still prized today and there are tons of beautiful wee jewellers with some gorgeous collections.
Not to mention it's literary links, anyone a fan of Bram Stoker's Dracula!? In the book the vampire sailed to Britain and landed in Whitby... so maybe if you're out and about after dark here you'll want to keep your garlic and crucifix handy!? But if you get caught out I'm sure a couple of sticks of candy rock with some 'Whitby' lettering through the middle could be fashioned into a crude cross shape... ;)

Literary links: in Bram Stoker's novel Dracula the vampire sailed to Britain and landed in Whitby | Emma Lamb

Emma, x

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