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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

making everyday beautiful : celebrating our feline friends

emma lamb

making everyday beautiful : celebrating our feline friends | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Cozy Memories, 2. [ otchipotchi ], 3. montse llamas, 4. *Neëst*

Happy Monday my friends... !

Today I thought it would be sweet to celebrate our feline friends, some of our sweet and constant companions. Anyone who has a cat (or dog) in their life will know how incredible your relationship with them can be and how wonderful their characters are too! But I especially love seeing the quiet moments you capture with them - quietly snoozing, gazing lovingly or generally doing their utmost to look as adorable as possible. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful pictures in our fabulous Flickr group 'making everyday beautiful'!

At the moment I don't have a wee feline friend of my own, just my cheeky wee man as you know. But every time I see one of your dear friends it always reminds of a wee kitten called Fluff that was my very best friend when I was very small. He was the softest shade of grey with wee white paws and while I don't have any pictures of him I do have the fondest of memories. I used to love sitting cross-legged on the floor so he could curl up in my lap for a snooze. I loved to stoke his soft ears while he dreamt lots of kitten dreams and I remember that I would refuse to move until my wee kitten woke up, no matter how numb my legs would get from sitting there for so long!

A simple memory of a quiet moment with my first best friend. How I loved my wee Fluff... :)

Emma, x

ps - Maru never fails to melt my heart!

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