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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

art crush : INALUXE

emma lamb

All images: ©inaluxe | Emma Lamb
All images: ©inaluxe / Links: 1. Botanical Assembly 1, 2. Night Sky, 3. Conversations In Summer, 4. Midnight Lovers, 5. Alpine

Ah, Inaluxe...
Who doesn't love the gorgeous retro styling and fabulous colour use of the Australian based art and design duo Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd, aka Inaluxe!? Seriously, is there anyone!?

I know I have been smitten with their beautiful art since the moment I first saw one of their pieces and every time they release a new design my heart skips a beat and it's just like that first time all over again! Of course this happened just a few days ago when I spotted their newest illustration 'Botanical Assembly 1' (no.1 pictured above) over on their Facebook page... so, so beautiful! After a wee hop and skip over to their shop and blog it was great to see how the inspiration for this piece had developed into the start of a new series of artwork...

Botanical Assembly 1, is the first in a growing series exploring native flora. We took inspiration directly from our backyard, the local bush and surrounds, and sat for weeks painting from the specimens we gathered. The end result is the first in the series! We love the burst of neon with the soft architectural quality, and think of this as the quintessential Australian bush.

I love the knowing the 'story' of a piece of artwork, as I spoke about in my Etsy interview a few weeks ago it gives the art that all important 'soul'. It lets you know it is real, authentic and has come from the heart of it's creators. Not only that but the story sets the scene or a scene that we can all connect with in some way. That connection is so important and today I love Inaluxe just a wee bit more because I've been able to connect with their story... :)

Do take a peek at their wee shop and see which illustration you connect with most of all, they all have their wee story to tell. Another of my faves is 'Conversations In Summer', no.3 pictured above...

"Conversations In Summer" celebrates all that we love about summer. The bright neon light, the soft dappled mornings, the way life is bursting at the seams. It's about fruits, pods, flowers, and all things organic and sweet!

Emma, x

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