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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

making everyday beautiful : happy colours

emma lamb

making everyday beautiful : happy colours | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Sweet Collection, 2. Planet Fur, 3. peonyandthistle, 4. katie f. b., 5. Stitched In Color

Good morning, good morning and happy Tuesday to you... :)

Yesterday I paid the price of having a three day weekend free of the trappings of the virtual world and spent most of the day catching up with emails, orders and general digital whatnot.
I like that 'general digital whatnot', it makes it sound like a household chore, like hoovering (vacuuming if you're so inclined!) or something!? And no matter how thoroughly you hoover (or vacuum) there's always a wee dust bunny that casually rolls out from under the sofa just as you've put the hoover (or vacuum) away! I think 'general digital whatnot' is much like that, no matter how much you get through or how much you clean up, walk away for five minutes to make a cup of tea and when you come back yet more has settled in your inbox!
'Perpetual' is the word I'm looking for. As with all the household chores, every now and then you just have to say 'bugger it, I'm having a day off!'... ;)

I do hope you're liking today's 'happy colours' from our fabulous Flickr group 'making everyday beautiful...'? They are a five of my favourites this morning, simply chosen because they make me feel happy... :)

Emma, x

ps - The wee 'hoovering (or vacuuming)' bit up there makes me think of this sketch from Life Of Brian. Best film ever!

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