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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

local talent : pictures from The Market

emma lamb

A Wooden Tree and Emma Lamb at The Market on Saturday 28th April 2012

Today, amidst working on a bunch of custom orders, I have been sorting and sifting through all the photos I snapped at Saturday's Market. I've got a ton of pics I want to show you (you know me and my trigger finger!) of my most favourite tables and some really great local talent but I'll spread them over a few post so as not to overwhelm you. Feel free to drop in and out as you please.
First up my wee stall with lovely Kirsty Anderson, of A Wooden Tree, and the beautiful hall we all got to spend a lovely day in...

A Wooden Tree and Emma Lamb at The Market on Saturday 28th April 2012
A Wooden Tree and Emma Lamb at The Market on Saturday 28th April 2012

Although I have been a fan of Kirsty's gorgeous work for a wee while now, Saturday was the first time we were able to chat properly and I had an absolute ball with her. She is as lovely as you could hope for and over a delicious croissant or two we nattered about everything from the pile of books I took along for her to peek at; to exhibitions we had been to recently and all the wonderful craft shows there are around Scotland. Thank you Kirsty, for a really wonderful day!

I also got to chat to so many other lovely ladies and was particularly excited to finally meet the ever so lovely Lois, of 13threads. Thank you so much for coming along lovely lady, it was great to chat with you and discover that while you are just as beautiful you are not nearly so serious as some of your Etsy pictures make you seem... ;)

The Market, April 28th 2012 | Emma Lamb
The Market, April 28th 2012 | Emma Lamb

Oh, just look at that hall... isn't it beautiful! It feels like such an honour to be able to attend a lovely wee craft market in St Columba's hall, when the sun shines through those huge windows it is just amazing! I am thinking my dream studio would look much like this, how wonderful would it be to work in this space everyday!?. Hmmm, now I'm thinking my dream bedroom and living room should look like this too, oh and definitely my dream kitchen. In fact, why not have every room in my dream house look like this!? Ha, I should probably just move my stuff up there right now!

As I said I have lots more pics of the day and some really great artists to tell you about... pop back soon!

Emma, x

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