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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

making everyday beautiful : neon brights

emma lamb

making everyday beautiful : neon brights | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Trisha Brink Design, 2. Artoleria, 3. cafe noHut, 4. wood & wool stool, 5. ATLITW

Hello, hello! I do hope you're all having a wonderful Monday... !?

So far I've had a very productive morning crocheting my way through one or two lovely custom orders. Then there was a less than productive walk with the wee man who decided to dice with death yet again as he attempted to swallow a whole 'on the bone' cooked chicken breast he found in the park... Seriously, who the hell casually drops a whole cooked chicken breast in the park and just thinks 'Yeah, I'll just leave that there' because they can't be arsed to pick it up and put it in the bin!? Arrgh, whoever you are you are driving me crazy!!!

Ahem, composing myself here...

So anyhoo, as I have been sitting here drying off (since it was peeing buckets out there yet again!) with a hot cup of tea in hand for the last half hour or so I have been catching up with 'making everyday beautiful' over on Flickr. Always such a calming experience. Today these fabulous neon brights have caught my eye and my oh my, they are such delicious eye candy indeed!

Already my iffy mood has melted away... :)

Emma, x

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