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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

etsy favourites : cats in the rain

emma lamb

Yay! I've got a wee bit of my Etsy treasury making groove back at the moment and it's making me very happy indeed!

I had forgotten how much of a welcome distraction searching for pretties and curating them into equally pretty collections can be. While it gives me a wee break from crocheting, photographing, answering messages and tons of other work stuff it really helps to maintain and even stimulate my creative energy. It's such a great pick me up and a whole lot of fun too!

that cat's got serious attitude... : Etsy treasury curated by Emma Lamb
Top row: 1. Elle Moss Photography, 2. Leah Goren, 3. White Faux Taxidermy, 4. Freidasophie Jewelry
Second row: 1. Zwzzy, 2. Sandra Dieckmann Illustration, 3. Materialised, 4. Studio Snowpuppe
Third row: 1. ARMHINO, 2. Nice Party, 3. CORIUMI, 4. The Wheatfield
Bottom row: 1. RobbieMoto, 2. The Wild Plum, 3. Amber Alexander, 4. Concetta's Closet

Above is 'that cat's got serious attitude...' inspired by my love of all things pinky-peachy-orange and of course wee 'Herb' there who seems to be eyeing up those butterflies for a wee bit of mischief!

Below is a collection I made last week and sadly the sentiment is still holding true today, 'some days it just keeps on raining...' *sigh* Oh, how I would love to have a wee rant about all this dreariness and how I feel like I'm still stuck in miserable winter mood, but I shall not! Instead this wee collection is serving as a reminder of the beauty and inspiration that can be found in those heavy rainclouds once you choose to adjust your perspective of the world.

some days it just keeps on raining... : Etsy treasury curated by Emma Lamb
Top row: 1. Iluxo, 2. AMradio, 3. Colette Bream, 4. Endlesshue
Second row: 1. Darting Dog Sewing Shop, 2. Edor, 3. Elouise Reouf, 4. 1canoe2
Third row: 1. Erin Tyner Photography, 2. Ceramica Botanica, 3. TSK TSK, 4. un dans le lavabo
Bottom row: 1. White Owl, 2. 13threads, 3. Lucy Snowe Photography, 4. Lucky Hemlock

Wishing you all a pinky-peachy-orangey kind of day... :)

Emma, x

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