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creative courage : a practical guide to finding and following your creative path

emma lamb

Creative Courage e-course with Stephanie Levy | Emma Lamb

Recently I've been chatting with the lovely Stephanie Levy about her hugely successful e-course 'Creative Courage'. I first heard about it back in January when those two words seemed to strike a real chord with me. I really felt that I needed a wee bit of Creative Courage for myself since my energy levels and enthusiasm had been depleted by the busy Christmas rush. Anyhoo, later into January work became busy again and with one thing and another I wasn't able to take part in that course. But after reading some comments I left for her and this wee blog post, dear sweet Stephanie got in touch and generously offered me a sneaky peek at some of the projects and interviews from the course.

So, so inspiring! From the wee snippets I read, including a fabulous guest interview with Amy of Pikaland, I knew that this entire course was choc full of great practical advice, inspiration interviews and motivational projects...

"Creative Courage e-course is an international, fun, holistic, hands-on online course, full of colorful activities, resources, quotes, and 12 inspirational interviews with some of the most successful, amazing artists, writers, designers, coaches, and crafters who are thriving today."

And the wonderful news is that Stephanie will be running a brand new course starting in April, yay! It will be a seven week course that will cover a range of topics from the basics of "clarifying and believing in your creative dreams" to "developing practical strategies for time management for busy women" - I so need this right now! All the of the topics covered are geared towards helping both established artists, designers, etc and those who are just starting out. There is always room to learn and grow and I know I would find many of these subjects very useful indeed!

Creative Courage e-course with Stephanie Levy | Emma Lamb
All images: Stephanie Levy for Creative Courage

Not only will there be a range of posts covering these topics but there will also be a fantastic new collection of interviews from some of the most inspirational women you can think of - Flora Bowley, Camilla Engman, Tracey Clark, Tara Sophia Mohr, Lisa Solomon, Jennifer Judd-McGee, Victoria Moran, Beth Nicholls, Marianne Elliott, Lucie Summers, Angela Ritchie and Tif Fussell. Come on, is that not the most amazing group of women you could ever imagine!? Seriously, just from that list alone this is set to be the e-course of all e-courses! Already I am so jealous of anyone who will be taking part and so, so wish I could myself... but with everything I have going on over the next couple of months I just don't have a minute to spare. Privileged problems as this very talented woman's mother would say... :)

So if you're looking for a wee helping hand, some supportive encouragement, practical business advice, a motivational kick up the backside or even a virtual tour of Paris (yeah!) then head on over to Stephanie's blog to find out all the nitty gritty details. But be quick, while there are still a few places available the course starts on April 9th... go, go, go!

Oh, and if you've already taken part in a previous Creative Courage e-course do let us know what you thought and what taking part has done for you in the comments section below. I have enabled embedded comments to allow replies and space for discussion if anyone is interested,it will also give me a better opportunity to answer your questions if you have any... :)

Emma, x

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