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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

studio details : the best-laid schemes

emma lamb

...o' mice, men an' crafty folk alike
Gang aft agley...

Hehe, so I may have have embellished this quote from Robert Burns poem 'To a Mouse' just a wee bit... but oh, it is so true! Some days everything works out perfectly, just as planned and everything just as you imagined. Then on other days... just when things are ticking along nicely and yes they seem to be turning out as you planned, but somehow they don't look nearly so nice as you imagined... :(

A silly charm tree, in the beginning... | Emma Lamb

Okay, so I think I am sounding overly dramatic here, but this wee charm display has been a right pain in my butt today... ! My plan was to spend a happy half hour wrapping it's black metal frame with a lovely light fabric to make it all spiffy for displaying my wee flower charms on my upcoming Christmas fair stalls. Which in itself sounds fine and two hours after I started (I'm skipping over the parts where I had masking tape stuck to all my finger tips, not to mention millions of frayed threads everywhere and a whole bunch of fabric strips that kept unwinding themselves when ever my attention slipped!) I had the charm display I had imagined...

A silly charm tree... lacking some oomph! | Emma Lamb

Only it wasn't quite right and I couldn't help thinking that it didn't look great at all once one of my wee charms was dangled on it... it was blending into the background and lacking some oopmh! Once I had realised that I just couldn't leave it alone (despite my best efforts to ignore it while getting on with the more important crocheting to do list) and after a fidgety few minutes I picked up my scissors to unwind and unwrap all my work before trying to decide what colour it should be wrapped in... I was almost tempted by one of those lovely shades of green there, that was until I imagined it looking like the most pathetic twig of a green Christmas tree it is possible to imagine!

A silly charm tree... trying out a new approach. | Emma Lamb
A silly charm tree... trying out a new approach. | Emma Lamb

Eventually I settled on this lovely charcoal grey floral fabric in the hope that this dark neutral would be the perfect backdrop to show off the cream crochet and snippets of colour that make up my wee flower charms. Which thankfully it is and, to my satisfaction, now looks quite spiffy indeed... :)

A silly charm tree... finished! | Emma Lamb

I guess some of you might be wondering why I'm having a wee rant about something so unimportant on a day like today, that is Thanksgiving. Well, while I am not an American and it is not my birthright to celebrate this day, it is a tradition that I wish we had here in the UK. I think many people here could benefit from being reminded what they have to be grateful for.
There are many things I am grateful for including all the obvious ones of course like family and health. There is the good fortune I have had this year thanks to so many kind people including all you lovely folk who stop by to read my blog and continue to support my work, I thank you all very much for that. There are other things too that I am grateful for, but those I do not wish to talk about here. So I guess that what I want to say is that today I am thankful that the only iffy part of my day has been a silly charm display... :)

Now I am off to welcome Mr Lurgy, who has been knocking at my door for a day or two, in the hope that the sooner he arrives the sooner he will leave!
Emma, x

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