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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

thrifty good luck

emma lamb

Good morning my dears! Do you remember this lovely pink and orange flowery jug I found at my local charity shop a few months back?

The start of a wee obsession... :)

I know some of you will be screaming 'Yes!' as I know that since then you, like me, have become obsessed with all things Arcopal as that is just what this wee jug is... a beautiful milk glass jug by the French company Arcopal in my most favourite of their designs 'Scania' (thank you to our Arcopal guru Nana Odile on Flickr for sharing her extensive knowledge!).

Well since then two very lovely and Arcopal obsessed ladies have come forward and confessed their addiction. Miss Annabelle, of Three Red Apples fame, has been spoilt rotten with Arcopal as being a fabulous French lady she grew up eating most of her meals from Arcopal dishes! Although she wasn't aware of the Scania pattern until she spied my wee jug and now has lots of her family members who are still living in France searching out the perfect pieces for her...

Oh, and then there is wonderful Polly, of the fabulous Folly & Glee, who has the largest collection of Arcopal Scania I have ever seen! She has been collecting it's loveliness for years and has everything from plates to sugar canisters to salt and pepper sets... oh, and the most adorable egg cups you have ever seen! I literally fell off my chair when she posted these pictures over on her blog...

So just imagine how giddy I was when lovely Polly got in touch and proposed a wee trade, a few lovely pieces from her collection for Miss Gladys here... well, I almost bit her hand off to say yes! (As much as you can bite some one's hand off through a series of excitable emails, but trust me if she was in the room with me she would have been missing a few digits at the very least!)

The lovely Miss Gladys now has her forever home with the loveliest lady that is Miss Polly... :) | Emma Lamb
My growing collection of Arcopal Scania... :) | Emma Lamb

So now I am the proud owner of a burgeoning collection as now my wee jug has a few friends including a set of sweet cups and saucers, a few lovely side plates and the most adorable wee pot. All of which Miss Polly tells me would be perfect for afternoon tea with scones with lashing of strawberry jam in that wee pot. Oh yes please!

Another and quite unexpected thing has come out of this wee trade with lovely Polly, is that some of her thrity good luck seems to have rubbed off on me, yay! As most of my thrifty trips lately have been turning up some fabulous finds including a bunch of pyrex that I have been searching out for as long as I can remember... A delicious solid red Pyrex bowl and two JAJ casserole dishes like the ones my Mam used to have when I was wee. I have such distinct memories of this scrolling floral pattern which I think is called 'Briarwood'... but I need to do a wee bit more digging around online to find out more. If you know anything about it please do leave a wee note in the comments.

One red pyrex bowl and two floral JAJ casserole dishes just like my Mam used to have when I was little... :) | Emma Lamb
Thrifty good luck... gorgeous glass vases and bowls, and a pile of fabulous pillowcases! | Emma Lamb

You might recognise a few of these other thrifty finds since they have been popping up around here lately in a few pictures... they make such great props! Oh, and a pile of fabby pillowcases that are destined to be quilted on of these days when I finally get to teacing myself how to do it! Anyhoo, happy days and long may my thrifty good luck continue!

Wishing you all a wonderful day,
Emma, x

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